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Climbing the Peak Plan

News of Hebei University's Social Science Research "Climbing the Peak Plan": Our school was successfully approved as a major project of the National Social Science Fund


"STAP" sulcus

The international research team recently found that there is a kind of sulcus called temporal asymmetry pit (STAP) in the human brain, which is unique to humans, because it is not found in the brains of other primates.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology-china

Huang hengshuo published papers

In January 2021, as the first author, Huang Hengshuo, a 2015 national student from our college, published the title "Transient physical gas absorption in a stirred liquid using the surface renewal model of mass transfer" in the journal "Chemical Engineering Science" article.

China Central Academy of Fine Arts-china

"Cloud classroom"

Algeria time, at 2 o'clock in the morning on February 26, 2020, Nora, an international master student of the School of Design, turned on the computer and joined the Chinese classmates to enter the "Image Theme and Narrative" class, and jointly started the online teaching of the new semester.