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Cursive script

Cursive script is a font of Chinese characters, as a specific typeface, was formed in the Han Dynasty and evolved on the basis of the official script for ease of writing.


Regular scripts

The regular script, font name, also called regular script, block script, true script, and regular script.


official scripts

The official scripts include Qin and Han scripts. They are generally considered to be developed from seal scripts.


Running script

Running script is a collective term for calligraphy, divided into two types: Xingkai and Xingcao.


Seal character

The seal character is a kind of carving art, reflecting the rich social life and ideological content of the people at that time.

Traditional Chinese-china

Traditional Chinese

Traditional Chinese is one of the Chinese fonts used by the Chinese nation and has a history of more than 2000 years.


Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese is a standardized way of writing modern Chinese, as opposed to traditional Chinese .


Bronze Inscriptions

Bronze inscriptions are an important type of material for the study of ancient philology, and the study of bronze inscriptions belongs to an important content of ancient philology.