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Han nationality

Han nationality is the most populous group in the world with pure paternal gene, and it is distributed all over China.


Lhoba people

Lhoba people is a minority of China. Luoba has its own language. It basically uses Tibetan. Luoba belongs to the Tibetan language of the Han Tibetan family.


Hezhe nationality

Hezhe nationality is a minority nationality with a long history in Northeast China. Its language is the Hezhe language.


Tatar people

atar people belong to Turkic nationality, mixed with Mongolian blood.



Dulong is one of the minority with less population in China, and also the least population in Yunnan Province. It uses Dulong language.


Oroqen people

The Oroqen people is one of the ethnic groups with the least population living in the northeast of China, and now mainly uses Chinese.


Menba nationality

Menba nationality is one of the nationalities with a long history and culture in China, and its national language is Menba language.


Uzbek nationality

Uzbek, whose national language is Uzbek, belongs to Golog branch of Turkic language family of Altaic language family.


Yugur nationality

Yugur nationality are mainly animal husbandry ethnic groups, mainly living in Sunan Yugur Autonomous County and Jiuquan Huangnibao area of Gansu Province.


Russian nationality

Russian people originated from a branch of the East slay, belonging to the European race, distributed in eastern and central Europe, the main language is Russian.


Baoan nationality

Baoan nationality is one of the ethnic groups with a small population in China, and its national language is Baoan language.


De'ang nationality

The De'ang nationality is a mountainous minority in the border area between China and Myanmar. It is a typical ethnic group with large dispersion and small settlement.


Jinuo nationality

Jinuo nationality is one of the seven unique ethnic groups with a small population in Yunnan Province, and its national language is Jinuo language.


Jing nationality

Jing nationality, also known as Yue nationality, is the main ethnic group in Vietnam, accounting for 86% of the total population of Vietnam, and is a Vietnamese in a narrow sense.

Bulang nationality

Bulang nationality

Bulang nationality has a very rich oral culture, and still retains the most distinctive national language, costumes, songs and dances, customs and habits.


Maonan nationality

Maonan nationality is one of the Mountain Nationalities with small population in China. It mainly lives in Huanjiang County of Guangxi and Pingtang County of Guizhou.


Tu nationality

Tu nationality is one of the ethnic groups with a relatively small population in China. Tu nationality mainly lives in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County of Qinghai Province.


Wa nationality

Wa nationality, one of the ethnic minorities in China and Myanmar, has no common language.


Shui nationality

Shui nationality has its own language and traditional writing. Shui language belongs to the Dongshui branch of Zhuang Dong language group in Sino Tibetan language system.


Lahu nationality

Lahu nationality is one of the oldest ethnic groups in China, whose language is Lahu.