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1. What is the ranking of Anhui Normal University among Chinese universities?

Anhui Normal University ranks about 120 among Chinese universities and fourth in Anhui Province.


2. How many campuses does Anhui Normal University have?

Anhui Normal University has two campuses, Zheshan Campus and Huajin Campus.


3. Where is the address of Anhui Normal University?

Zheshan Campus: No. 1, Beijing East Road, Wuhu City, Anhui Province

Huajin Campus: No. 189, Jiuhua South Road, Wuhu City, Anhui Province


4. What is the area of Anhui Normal University?

The campus occupies a total area of ​​2.0243 million square meters, with a construction area of ​​1.0638 million square meters


5. When was Anhui Normal University established?

The predecessor of the school was the Provincial Anhui University founded in Anqing City in 1928. It was renamed the National Anhui University in 1946 and moved to Wuhu in December 1949. Later, he went through several school running stages such as Anhui Normal University, Hefei Normal University, Wannan University (comrade Liu Shaoqi inscribed the name of the school), Anhui University of Technology and Agriculture. In 1972, approved by the State Council, it was officially named Anhui Normal University (Comrade Guo Moruo wrote the name of the school). In 2005, Wuhu Teachers College was merged into Anhui Normal University as a whole.


6. How about the campus environment of the school?

The new campus is located on the Huajin River and has a beautiful environment. It is also rated as one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in China. There are black swans frolicking by the river. In the early morning, you will see many students endorse the river, and the learning atmosphere is very strong.


The old campus is located at the foot of Zheshan Mountain, facing Jinghu Lake. It gives people the feeling of beautiful scenery and a long history! The old campus is smaller than the new campus, but there are fewer people. Only a few colleges are still on the old campus. Moreover, the old campus has a lot of flowers, plants, and trees, each with its own style throughout the year.


7. How about the surrounding environment of the school?

There are Desheng Plaza Central City and Baizhuang Shopping Center at the entrance of the new campus. The main consumers are college students, and the clothes and restaurants sold are relatively cheap. After all, it is a suburb of a small city, and the environment is good. Going out to the city will be a bit more troublesome. With direct buses, the city is more prosperous and can meet the various needs of students.


8. How about the school's life service?

There are small fruit shops, small supermarkets, and a bakery in the school. There are ATMs of various banks in the dormitory building. There is only one courier point. In the school, you only need a campus card. There are shared bicycles everywhere, and there are four dormitories. It has air conditioning, a separate bathroom, two sinks, and a balcony. There are several canteens to satisfy different tastes.


9. How about the Faculty of Anhui Normal University?

The total number of faculty members is 2464

Among them: 339 persons with senior professional titles and 646 persons with deputy senior professional titles


1671 full-time teachers

Among them: 320 people with senior professional titles, 525 people with deputy senior titles


837 have a Ph.D. degree and 663 have a master's degree

12 people in scientific research institutions

608 assistants and administrative staff


859 postgraduate instructors

Among them: 639 master tutors, 220 doctor and master tutors


10. How about the teaching level of Anhui Normal University?

The school has the right to grant a master's degree or higher in 11 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management, and art; 8 first-level disciplines authorized to authorize doctoral degrees, 1 second-level discipline authorized for doctoral degree (excluding coverage of the first-level discipline), 30 first-level discipline authorized for master's degree;


In 1998, it was approved as the second batch of pilot units of education master's degree in the country, and it was the earliest education master's training unit in Anhui Province. At present, there are 14 master's degree authorization points in education, sports, international Chinese education, art, translation, tourism management, social work, applied statistics, news and communication, law, accounting, electronic information, forestry, and business administration. Professional degree education has become an important part of the school degree and graduate education system.


There are 29 provincial and ministerial key scientific research institutions.


11. How many students are there at Anhui Normal University?

A. 25,046 undergraduate students, including 8091 normal students and 16,955 non-teacher students

B. 6,155 graduate students

Among them: 394 doctoral students, 5761 master students

C. 19,425 adult education students (college plus undergraduate)

Among them: 15,881 correspondence students, 3544 amateur students

D. 274 international students


12. How many majors does Anhui Normal University have?

Currently, AHNU has 8 doctorate degrees. There are 6 first-level disciplines, 6 post-doctoral mobile stations, 30 first-level disciplines for master's degree, 15 master's degree authorization units, 18 provincial-level key disciplines, 3 provincial-level discipline construction majors, and 92 undergraduate majors.


13. What major can I sign up for?

The school can meet the different learning needs of short-term Chinese training, long-term Chinese learning, Chinese language and literature, and other undergraduates, master, and doctoral subjects. It also have one-year and six-month courses; Chinese language and culture summer camps and winter camps.


14. What scholarship can I apply for?

Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Teacher Scholarship (Confucius Institute Scholarship), Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship, etc.


15. How to apply?

Applicants use the method of online declaration to log in: online registration in strict accordance with the requirements.


16. What materials are needed for registration?

A. Admission Notice

B. Physical examination form

C. Form JW201 or Form JW202

D. Passport and passport copy

E. 4 passport-sized photos

F. Registration fee, tuition fee, textbook fee


17. How much does it cost?

Short-term language learning projects

The short-term language learning program determines the charging standard according to the content and time of the course.


Long-term learning project

A. Registration fee: 400 yuan/person. When submitting the admission application, pay it all at once.


B. Textbook fee: according to the actual expenses incurred, 300 yuan/semester for elementary and intermediate level; 400 yuan/semester for undergraduate.


C. Tuition: The following is the general standard of tuition, and the specific professional fees are shown in the professional table.

The tuition fee will be paid in full at the time of admission.

Non-degree study students (including language study): 12,000 yuan/year

Liberal arts undergraduate students: 12,000 yuan/year

Science undergraduate students: 14,000 yuan/year

Music and fine arts undergraduate students: 18,000 yuan/year

Master of Arts students: 16,000 yuan/year

Master of Science students: 18,000 yuan/year

Liberal arts doctoral students: 18,000 yuan/year

Doctor of Science students: 18,000 yuan/year


D. Accommodation fee: Double room: 15 yuan/person/day

Single room: 28 yuan/person/day


E. Other expenses: including visa fees, etc.


18. What is the registration process?

  • Fill in the "Enrollment Form for Foreign Students in Anhui Normal University"
  • Pay the "Enrollment Form for Foreign Students of Anhui Normal University" and the registration fee
  • The International Students Office reviews the admission notice, JW201 or JW202 and other materials
  • Pay tuition and textbook fees
  • Go to the International Students Office to go through the residency procedures
  • Waiting for notice of placement test, class meeting, collection of teaching materials, and opening ceremony
  • Formal class


19. How to get to school?

Anhui Normal University is located in Wuhu which is a national open city, close to Nanjing and Shanghai. The traffic is very convenient.


20. What are the requirements for applying for scholarships?

A. Academic Achievements: The scope of examination includes the overall evaluation scores of the course semester of the previous semester and the mid-term examination scores of this semester (calculated average score according to 7:3). Students with an average score of 80 points or above and no failing can enjoy the full scholarship; those with an average score of 70 or more and no failing can enjoy a partial scholarship; students with an average score of fewer than 70 points or failing subjects are not allowed to participate in the current semester Scholarship review;


B. Attitude to study: attend classes on time, perform leave formalities on personal and sick leave, be diligent and studious, have full attendance, and students who have received warnings or more for severe absenteeism are not eligible to participate in the scholarship review of the semester;


C. Behavior performance: Comply with Chinese laws and regulations and school discipline and school rules, no fighting, alcohol abuse, use of illegal electrical appliances and other bad behaviors, respect teachers, unite classmates, and actively participate in internal and external activities on campus. Students who have been punished for using illegal electrical appliances are not eligible to participate in the scholarship review for the current semester.


21. Can I use a microwave oven and other electrical appliances in the dormitory?

The school dormitory does not allow the use of high-power electrical appliances. Those who store or use fast-heating, induction cookers, rice cookers, electric cups, electric blankets and other electrical appliances that are explicitly prohibited by the school or have private power supply and other illegal use of electricity, offenders will be severely dealt with according to the circumstances. Warning of the above sanctions.


22. Can I take the opposite sex back to the dormitory?

For those who live in the dormitory of the opposite sex or who live in the dormitory of the opposite sex, the school will be subject to probation or expulsion from the school depending on the circumstances.


23. Does the dormitory have access control?

The school will give warnings or more to those who return late without approval, and severe warning or more to those who do not return at night.


24. Can I have a pet in the dormitory?

Those who keep or house pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, etc., shall be given warnings or above.


25. Can I rent a house outside the school?

Under normal circumstances, international students live in international student apartments. If you need to rent a house outside, you should apply to the School of International Student Management and get approval. Those who rent a house without approval will be given the above penalties.


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