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2020 Chinese Bridge online group graduation ceremony


News from this website (International Education College) On the afternoon of January 31, 2021, the video conference room of the "Hui Culture" class of the "Chinese Bridge" online group project hosted by the China-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by Anhui Normal University The "China in My Heart" Chinese speech contest and graduation ceremony were held.


Zhang Drang, Dean of the School of International Education and Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Anhui Normal University, Ge Yadong, Deputy Dean and Deputy Director, Wu Shihong, Chinese Dean of the Confucius Classroom at the University of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Project Team Teachers Jing Li and Li Hong, and Nearly a hundred students from more than ten countries including Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, and Thailand gathered through the cloud of the Chinese Alliance platform. The Chinese speech contest and graduation ceremony were hosted by Li Hong and Ge Yadong respectively.


Chinese Bridge online group project-1


The two weeks of learning Chinese and Chinese culture aroused the enthusiasm of the students, and they enthusiastically signed up for the "China in My Heart" Chinese speech contest. After selection, Ang Lee, Olga, Love Tea, Jingqiu, Alina and Olia from Ukraine, Cai Xinru, Shao Shi Mingshu, Li Shi Qiongyun from Vietnam, Basha from Nepal and Chen Zhifu from Australia participated In the final competition, they talked about their feelings and understanding of China and traditional Chinese culture, especially Huizhou culture, and expressed their yearning for studying in China and Anhui Normal University. Teacher Jing Li commented on the speech contest, and explained and summarized the characteristics and background of Huizhou culture.


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In his speech at the graduation ceremony, Dean Zhang Drang first congratulated the students who successfully completed the course and commended the students for their ability to overcome jet lag and the inconvenience of the Internet and persist in studying seriously. At the same time, I would like to thank the Chinese-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center for giving our school this opportunity to host this school, as well as our school's Charles Darwin University Confucius Institute and the Confucius Classroom at the University of Zaporizhzhia Ukraine for their strong support. In addition, Dean Zhang Drang especially emphasized in his speech that our school’s successful undertaking of this project is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of the teaching team and management staff of the school’s project team. Finally, I would like to express New Year’s greetings and best wishes to all teachers and students, and welcome all students to study in China after the epidemic is over.


In his speech, Dean Wu Shihong said that online teaching is a new model and valuable exploration of teaching Chinese as a foreign language under the new situation. Teachers and students in this "Hui Culture" class have gained a lot and will continue to work hard in the future. Overseas Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms actively carry out relevant teaching activities and training.


The teachers who participated in this "Hui Culture" class also expressed their greetings to the students, hoping that the course arrangement and teaching of the "Hui Culture" class would be helpful to the students' Chinese learning, and expressed their expectation to meet with the students offline.


Chinese Bridge online group project-3


Chen Zhifu, Aolijia, and Li Shiqiongyun spoke on behalf of the students at the graduation ceremony, expressing their gratitude for being able to participate in the "Huizhou Culture" class, as well as the gains and gains gained through this rare online learning opportunity Experience, especially the knowledge and understanding of Anhui and the unique charm of Huizhou culture. They all expressed that they will continue to study Chinese and use Chinese as a bridge to be friendly messengers of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.


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