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Cultural New Year activities


News from this website (Wan Yong from the International Education Institute) The Golden Rat is leaving the old year and the Lucky Bull is celebrating the New Year. The Spring Festival is the traditional festival that Chinese people value most. In the days of national celebrations and family reunions, 34 international students from our school have been staying in China since the winter vacation last year due to the international epidemic. How should they spend the traditional Chinese holiday? This incident has always affected the hearts of school leaders and teachers of the International Education Institute. After the leaders of the School of International Education went to the dormitory on the afternoon of February 9 to visit and condolences to the international students, and sent blessings and New Year gifts, on the afternoon of New Year's Eve on February 11, the School of International Education and the Wuhu City Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center invited the Chinese time-honored brand— —The pastry master of Wuhu Geng Fuxing and the inheritor of Zhang's traditional female red making skills came to the school to teach international students how to make traditional Chinese pastry, and at the same time, they also carried out Chinese sachet DIY activities.


Female red, a unique Chinese handicraft, requires carefulness, patience, and ingenuity. Many international students do needlework for the first time, but they study and do it carefully. Some boys were sweating profusely because of poor sewing, and some girls not only did things very quickly on their own, but also became little "teachers", and there was constant laughter in the classroom. It will be the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Lunar New Year. Every one of the international students has made a "bullish" sachet and hung it around his neck. Omar from Pakistan said that when the epidemic is over, he will take the sachet made by himself and give it to his family.


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In the eyes of international students, China has food everywhere, and the workmanship is very exquisite, just like a work of art. The masters of Geng Fuxing introduced traditional Chinese food while teaching. When they learned that this female master had won a grand prize in an international food competition, the international students expressed their sincere admiration. Everyone geared up, taking turns to experience the jade shaomai. Zhou Zheng, an international student from Malawi, holding his first learning achievements and said: I must learn how to cook a lot of Chinese food so that my family can eat it.


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When the international students were learning Chinese intangible heritage skills with enthusiasm, Lu Lin, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school, and leaders of the Wuhu Municipal Education Bureau came to visit them. The students said they were very happy during the New Year in China. They not only ate traditional Chinese food but also learned about China's intangible cultural heritage. Lu Lin said that the entry of intangible cultural heritage into the campus is an important measure to promote and inherit traditional culture, an effective way to realize the virtues of fostering people, and a good way to promote China to foreign students in China and cultivate young people who are knowledgeable and friendly to China, and build a culture for us. Confidence has inestimable value and significance. In the future, there will be more such activities for international students to make the light of traditional Chinese culture more shining and make Chinese culture more confident.


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