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Anhui Normal University is the earliest institution of higher learning established in Anhui. It is located in Wuhu, a state-level open city with the reputation of "Anhui, Anhui, City of Thousand Lakes". It is on the edge of the vast Yangtze River, close to Lingxiu Mountain, and gathers the beauty of nature in the south of the Yangtze River. , Huihui Anhui Humanities Spirit is a university jointly established by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education, a national "central and western university basic capacity-building project" project construction university, and Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government priority construction of provincial key comprehensive universities and Anhui The key construction colleges of high-level universities with provincial characteristics have been successively selected as the pilot units of the Ministry of Education to jointly build the School of Journalism and the National Key Marxist College, and won the title of the second "National Civilized Campus".


The predecessor of the school was the Provincial Anhui University founded in Anqing City in 1928. It was renamed the National Anhui University in 1946 and moved to Wuhu in December 1949. Later, he went through several school running stages such as Anhui Normal University, Hefei Normal University, Wannan University (comrade Liu Shaoqi inscribed the name of the school), Anhui University of Technology and Agriculture. In 1972, approved by the State Council, it was officially named Anhui Normal University (Comrade Guo Moruo wrote the name of the school). In 2005, Wuhu Teachers College was merged into Anhui Normal University as a whole.


In the course of running the school for more than 90 years, Liu Wendian, Zhou Jianren, Yu Dafu, Su Xuelin, Chen Wangdao, Zhu Xiang, Zhu Guangqian, Wang Xinggong, Yang Lianggong, Cheng Yansheng, Tao Yin, Zhang Wei, Ding Xuxian, Xiang Nan, Xu Jie, and many other well-known experts and scholars, Social elites gathered on the shores of Linghu Lake and Jinghu Lake successively to write books and promote education. After generations of teachers and colleges with great concentration, hard work, inspiring practice, cultivating post-learning, one after another, precepts and deeds, the spirit of "being solid and simple, pursuing excellence, pursuing excellence, and self-improvement" has been accumulated, and the spirit of "rigorous academic research, dedication, dedication, The style of teaching and educating people and being a role model has cultivated the style of study of "diligence, prudent thinking, simplicity and humility, unity of knowledge and practice, and seeking innovation from reality" and condensed the school motto of "honesty, emphasis on education, erudition and dedication". Since the establishment of the school, a total of nearly 300,000 full-time high-level professionals have been trained for the country.


The school currently has the School of Liberal Arts, School of Marxism, School of Law, School of Economics and Management, School of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of History, School of Educational Science, School of Foreign Languages, School of Physical Education, School of Journalism and Communication, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Computer and Information, School of Physics and Electronic Information, School of Chemistry and Material Science, School of Geography and Tourism, School of Life Sciences, School of Ecology and Environment, as well as the School of Continuing Education, the School of International Education, the School of Teacher Education, and the Anhui Normal University Jiang College, Affiliated Middle School, Affiliated Primary School, and Affiliated Childhood.


The school's disciplines cover literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, education, science, engineering, agriculture, art, etc., forming different levels of doctoral, master, and bachelor education, full-time higher education, adult Different types of complete talent training systems such as higher education and international student education. There are 18 provincial-level key disciplines, 3 major provincial-level discipline construction projects, 6 selected by the Anhui Provincial Peak Discipline Construction Plan, 1 Anhui Province World-Class Discipline Award Supplementary Funding Project, and 3 Domestic First-Class Discipline Award Supplementary Funding Projects. There are 6 post-doctoral mobile stations, 8 first-level disciplines for doctoral degree authorization, 1 second-level discipline for doctorate authorization (excluding first-level discipline coverage), 30 first-level disciplines for master's degree authorization, and 15 master's degree authorization points, 88 undergraduate majors.


The school currently has 1 key humanity and social science research base of the Ministry of Education, 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, 1 national and regional research center of the Ministry of Education, 1 collaborative innovation center jointly established by the province and the ministry, and joint provincial key research 1 laboratory (cultivation), 1 key think tank in Anhui Province, 1 "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center" in Anhui Province, 5 key research bases for humanities and social sciences in universities in Anhui Province, 6 key laboratories in Anhui Province, and key universities in Anhui Province There are 4 laboratories, 3 Anhui Engineering Laboratories, 1 Anhui Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 Anhui University Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 Anhui Academician Workstation, and 1 Anhui Science and Technology Innovation Public Service Platform. There are 23 national-level first-class undergraduate majors, 21 provincial-level first-rate undergraduate majors, 9 national-level specialty majors, 1 national-level professional comprehensive reform pilot, 8 national-level quality courses, and national-level quality resource sharing 8 courses, 2 national quality video open courses, 1 national online open course, 3 national offline courses, 1 national online and offline mixed course, 3 national teaching achievement awards, national level 3 teaching teams, 2 national off-campus practical education bases for college students, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 national bilingual course, 3 national planning textbooks, 1 reform project of the Ministry of Education's outstanding teacher training plan, education There are 2 new engineering research and practice projects of the Ministry of Education, and 1 Sports Aesthetic Education Infiltration Action Plan of the Ministry of Education.


The school has more than 2,460 faculty members, including more than 1,690 full-time teachers, more than 1,020 professors, associate professors, and other senior titles. There are 1 cultural master and "four batches" talents, 1 philosophy and social science leader, 3 national candidates for the "Hundred, Thousand, Thousand, Thousand Talents Project", 6 people supported by the Ministry of Education's "New Century Excellent Talents" support program, national excellence There are 2 winners of the Youth Fund, 40 provincial academic and technical leaders, 75 provincial academic and technical leaders reserve candidates, and 404 provincial-level or above talent (honorary) teachers. There are 3 national-level teaching teams, 48 provincial-level teaching teams, 29 provincial-level teaching teachers, and 41 provincial-level teaching rookies. There are more than 47,900 students in various categories, including more than 24,600 ordinary undergraduates, more than 6,100 postgraduates, more than 280 international students, and more than 17,000 adult education students.


The campus occupies a total area of 2.0243 million square meters, a building area of 1.0638 million square meters, and a total value of 478 million yuan in teaching and research equipment. The school library is a national key protection unit for ancient books. It has a rich collection of books and a complete range of books. There are currently 3.0111 million paper books, 2.121 million electronic books, 68,000 electronic journals, 104 digital resources, more than 190,000 ancient books, ancient books There are more than 700 kinds of rare books, among which "Hongwu Zhengyun" is the only unworthy and uncompleted edition in China. The original "Tongzhi" in Yuan Dynasty, "The Complete Works of Li Taibai" and "The Collection of Du Gongbu" in Ming Jiajing are all domestic rare editions. The resources have basically realized the digitization of the bibliography. The school runs various publicly issued academic journals and newspapers, such as Anhui Normal University Press, Anhui Normal University Journal, College Counselor Journal, Learning Chinese, and Anhui Normal University News.


The school is one of the first universities in the country to be approved to recruit international students at public expense. It is also the national Chinese education base and the International Promotion Center for Chinese in Anhui Province. The school has successively accepted more than 5,000 long-term and short-term advanced studies and academic education from more than 30 countries (regions), and dozens of higher education institutions in the United States, Britain, Germany, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and other countries (regions). Academies, scientific research institutions, academic organizations, and educational institutions have established long-term friendly cooperation and academic exchanges and established a Confucius Institute with Charles Darwin University in Australia and a Confucius Classroom at Zaporizhzhia National University in Ukraine.


The school has a training and training base for college counselors of the Ministry of Education, a training center for ideological and political work teams of the Ministry of Education, a base for the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture in ordinary colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education, a national training base for backbone teachers of the Ministry of Education, and a national social work professional talent Training base, National Social Sports Instructor Training Base, Anhui Province College Teacher Training Center, Anhui Excellent Judicial Talent Training Base, Anhui Province Professional and Technical Personnel Training Base, Anhui Province Education Management Cadre Training Base, Anhui Province High School Key Teacher Training Base, Anhui Province Social service platforms such as the training base for backbone teachers of tourism secondary vocational schools.


Forge ahead in a new era and bravely assume a new mission. The school is holding high the great banner of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, seizing the strategic opportunity of integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta, adhering to the school-running philosophy of “characteristics, openness, and innovation”, and vigorously implementing the “2352” proposed by the eleventh party congress of the school. "In the development plan, reform is the first, and the word is the first, and we are striving to accelerate the goal of building a first-class, distinctive, and high-level university in China.


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