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Foreign students graduation ceremony


(News from this website International Education College) On the afternoon of July 17, the 2020 Summer Foreign Students Graduation and Completion Ceremony of the International Education College was held in the lecture hall of the college. Members of the leadership team of the International Education Institute and representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony.


Zhang Drang, the dean of the School of International Education, expressed his hope in his speech, instructing foreign students to remember that they are the bridge of friendship between Anhui Normal University and the people of the world, and hope that they will bring back the friendship of the Chinese people when they return to their country and introduce Anhui to their families and friends. Excellent teaching quality and beautiful campus environment of the Normal University.


Sun Bo, an international student from Madagascar, spoke as a representative of graduates. He used fluent Chinese to recall his study and life at An Normal University, expressed his joy of continuous progress, thanked the teachers for their hard teaching and guidance, and expressed sincere blessings to the students.


Teacher representative Jing Li thanked the foreign students who stayed at the school during the epidemic for their trust in the Chinese government and An Normal University and led the students to recall the bits and pieces of their studies at An Normal University and fully affirmed the positive learning attitude and enrichment of foreign students His learning results expressed his disappointment and blessings to the students who are about to leave An Normal University.


In the applause of the teachers and students, the secretary of the International Education Institute Huang Shengjiong, the dean Zhang Drang, and the deputy dean Ge Yadong respectively awarded graduation certificates and degree certificates to the graduates and awarded the completion certificates to the graduates. The atmosphere was warm.


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