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1. What is the ranking of Anhui University among Chinese universities?

Anhui University is ranked in the top 100 in Chinese universities and third in Anhui Province.


2. How many campuses does Anhui University have?

Anhui University has two campuses, Qingyuan campus and Longhe campus.


3. Where is the address of Anhui University?

Qingyuan Campus: No. 111, Jiulong Road, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone

Longhe Campus: No. 3, Feixi Road, Hefei City


4. What is the area of Anhui University?

More than 3,200 mu(about 2.13 million square meters), construction area of ​​1.25 million square meters.


5. When was Anhui University established?

Anhui University was founded in 1928 and rebuilt in 1958. It is a relatively young school with a long history. It is a new comprehensive university with a certain influence in China and abroad. It is a high school that is a key construction of China's National "211 Project". One of the schools is a university jointly established by the People's Government of Anhui Province and the Ministry of Education and is a key comprehensive university in Anhui Province.


6. How about the campus environment of Anhui University?

Anhui University is in the suburbs. It used to be relatively desolate, but the new campus has a better environment. Jiulong Street at the door is also more prosperous. The campus environment is very good, the scenery is beautiful, and there are many academic activities.


7. How about the campus facilities of Anhui University?

Infrastructure facilities are readily available, such as hotels, teaching buildings, libraries, sports facilities, etc. The classrooms are large enough, with air conditioning, lighting, and projectors complete. The total value of teaching and research equipment is more than 1.258 billion yuan, and the collection of paper books is more than 3.75 million. Indoor and outdoor stadiums have a construction area of ​​18,2191.46 square meters; the total value of teaching and research equipment with a unit price of 800 yuan or more in the school is 280.9982 million yuan, and the per-student value of teaching and research equipment is 10,410 yuan; the number of seats in the multimedia classroom is 23,605, and the number of seats in the language room is 1242; The computer network covers the whole school, realizing the networking of teaching and scientific research, book and document retrieval and office management; the school also has public service platforms such as literature resources, modern education technology, network, analysis and testing, measurement and control platform, engineering calculation and life science specimen gallery.


8. How about the surrounding environment of Anhui University?

The new campus is in the University Town of the Economic Development Zone, which corresponds to the Hefei University of Technology. There is an Emerald Lake in the middle and the environment is very elegant. In the nearby Central City, the Pearl Plaza commercial center is under development and will soon be a small bustling center.


There are 149,128 bus routes directly to the city center and convenient transportation. The consumption level is also relatively low.


9. How about the life service of Anhui University?

The dormitory environment is very good, the cafeteria food is also good, the library and supermarket are also convenient, the transportation is also convenient, which it is not far to eat out and play.


10. How about the faculty of Anhui University?

In 2020, there are 1841 full-time teachers undertaking teaching tasks, among which 1673 have master's degree, accounting for 90.87%, 976 have a senior title, accounting for 53.01%, and 31.3% have overseas experience; In 2020, 223 high-level talents with doctor's degree or above will be introduced, including 8 national-level talents such as "Yangtze River", "outstanding youth" and "top-notch youth", and 5 experts enjoying special subsidies from the State Council, ranking first in the province in terms of number and growth rate; It has formed a teaching staff with noble ethics, reasonable structure, excellent business and a high degree of internationalization, led by academicians of the two academies, national outstanding youth, excellent youth and leading talents of the ten thousand talents plan.


11. How about the teaching level of Anhui University?

The school has a complete range of disciplines and significant comprehensive characteristics, covering 10 major categories such as science, engineering, literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, management, education, and art. It has 2 national-level key disciplines and 25 Provincial key disciplines; 5 disciplines including materials science, chemistry, engineering, computer science, and mathematics have entered the top 1% of the ESI ranking.


12. How many students are there at Anhui University?

There are 22,693 undergraduates and 9,389 postgraduates for doctoral and master's degrees, which is equivalent to 38962 students.


13. How many colleges does Anhui University have?

Anhui University has 28 colleges.


14. Where can I apply for a visa?

Handling agency: Hefei City Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration

Address: Hefei City Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration and Exit-Entry Reception Hall

No. 2588, Nanjing Road, Binhu New District (2nd and 3rd Floor, Area B, Element Market at the intersection of Huizhou Avenue and Nanjing Road)

Working hours: 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday

Consultation telephone: 0551-62624550.


15. What should I pay attention to when applying for a visa?

  • Please pick up the number at the entrance of the lobby, and then go to the 19th and 20th window to queue up
  • Pass the passport and visa materials to the police when processing, and show the originals of some documents to the police. The originals must be brought back to the office teacher
  • Keep the "Notice of Acceptance of Foreigner's Visa/Residence Permit" after handling it, and bring the "Notice of Acceptance" to get your passport 20 days later
  • Please bring your bank card, cash is not accepted when paying
  • If you have any problems during the handling process, please go to the office and tell the teacher in time.


16. Where do I go for a physical examination?

Physical examination agency: Anhui Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Location of physical examination: No. 367, Wuhu Road, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Physical examination time: 8:00-11:00 in the morning from Monday to Friday

Contact: 0551-62856539


17. What should I pay attention to during the physical examination?

  • Don't eat anything on the morning of the physical examination, because blood needs to be drawn;
  • Please bring your passport and 4 photos during the physical examination;
  • The medical examination fee is about 397 yuan;
  • After you get the results of the medical examination, please submit your passport and the results of the medical examination to the office so that the teacher can prepare the visa materials.


18. How to register the dormitory?

Upon check-in, students must bring their passports and other valid personal documents to the front desk to register and receive the room card after paying the accommodation deposit. Accommodation fees are paid monthly, please be sure to pay before the 5th of each month, otherwise, a 5% overdue fine will be charged.


19. Who manages the dormitory for international students?

All rooms in the dormitory for international students are managed under the unified plan of the International Education Institute and the Foreign Guest Reception Center. Students are not allowed to occupy vacant beds, exchange rooms or rent out rooms to others without authorization. If you need to change rooms, you must apply to the college, and the college will make overall arrangements for processing.


20. Does the dormitory have access control?

On weekdays (Monday to Friday), students must return to the dormitory before 23:00, and on weekends, students must return to the dormitory before 24:00.


21. Can outsiders live in dormitories?

Outsiders must register at the front desk to enter the dormitory. Students are not allowed to stay in the student dormitory, and outsiders must leave before 23:00.


22. Can rice cookers and microwave ovens be used in the dormitory?

It is strictly forbidden to use high-power electrical appliances such as electric stoves, rice cookers, induction cookers, electric irons, or use gas oil stoves and alcohol stoves in the dormitory rooms. Those who violate the regulations will have their electrical appliances confiscated and a fine of RMB 200 will be imposed.


23. What procedures do I need to move out of the dormitory?

When checking out, the student must return the room card. After the staff checks the room and confirms that the items are in good condition, the student can change the room or leave the school and collect the deposit; if the room facilities are found to be damaged or missing, the student must compensate at the price.


24. Will there be penalties for being late for class?

You cannot be late or leave early for class. If you have something to do, you need to ask the teacher for leave in advance. The teacher will record the student's attendance every class, and students who often do not come to class without asking for leave will be warned until their study visa is canceled.


25. Can I rent a house outside the school?

The school generally requires international students to live in dormitories. If you need to live off-campus for special reasons, you must first apply to the International College and then sign a rental contract with the owner before you can live.


26. Can I go out to work?

According to Chinese law, international students must not engage in paid work during their studies, such as being a language teacher, participating in business activities, etc., otherwise, they will be illegally employed and will be fined by the Public Security Bureau and bear legal responsibility.


27. How to contact the college?

The offices of the International Education Institute are in rooms 108 and 107 of the North Building. The working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:20 to 12:00 am and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. If you have any questions, international students can go to the office during working hours to find Teacher Zhang and Teacher Jiang.


28. Does the school have a communal kitchen?

The public kitchen is only for international students of the college, and other personnel is prohibited from using it. It is forbidden to have meals, parties, drink, and smoke in the kitchen.


29. What should I pay attention to when using a public kitchen?

  • Tableware and kitchenware (electric rice cookers, etc.) can be stored in the kitchen cupboard. Each student can rent a cupboard for free. The key can be applied to the reception desk on the first floor, but a deposit of 100 yuan must be paid. After returning the key and taking away the kitchenware, you can get the deposit back with the deposit slip. If any student loses the key or damages the kitchen equipment, he will be compensated according to the price.
  • International students need to understand how to use appliances in the kitchen. If you can't use it, please ask the classmates who can use it or the reported attendant. Please don't use it at will to avoid danger.
  • International students need to clean up the garbage every time they finish cooking. Please do not leave the garbage in the pool to avoid blocking the sewer.
  • Do not store food in the refrigerator for a long time, and do not put food with pungent odors in the refrigerator, so as not to affect the use of others. The waiter will clean the food in the refrigerator regularly. There will be noticed before the cleanup, please pay attention to it. Please do not use the refrigerator during cleaning, and will not be responsible for any loss.


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