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New student notice

1. Abide by Chinese laws and school regulations, respect Chinese customs, and treat teachers and classmates with courtesy.


2. You cannot be late or leave early for class. If you have something to do, you need to ask the teacher for leave in advance. The teacher will record the student's attendance every class, and students who often do not come to class without asking for leave will be warned until their study visa is canceled.


3. Within 24 hours after arriving in Hefei, international students should take their passports and rental contract to the police station where they live to register for accommodation and send the registered and stamped form to the office of the International College. Students living in the dormitory of international students must register at the service counter with their passports when they check in and the service counter will register for accommodation. Failure to register for accommodation after the expiry date will result in a fine.


4. International students need to re-register for accommodation if they have one of the following conditions:

a. Change of accommodation

b. Come back again after leaving China

c. Changed a new passport


5. International students must have a legal visa to study at the school. Please be sure to come to China with a study visa (X visa). Other visas cannot be directly changed to study visas in China. Please pay attention to the validity period of your visa. For students who need to extend their visas, please apply to the college office two months in advance. For students whose visas expire during the holidays, please be sure to apply for visa extensions before the holidays. Foreigners who stay in China beyond the validity period of their visas will be fined (500 yuan per day) and bear legal liabilities.


6. The school generally requires international students to live in dormitories. If you need to live off-campus for special reasons, you must first apply to the International College and then sign a rental contract with the owner before you can live.


7. The international student dormitory is arranged by the International College, and students cannot change rooms by themselves. If you want to move out of the student dormitory, please tell the International College teacher two days in advance.


8. Please maintain hygiene in the dormitory of international students, and do not allow loud music or noise (especially during class and at night). If the items in the dormitory are damaged, they must be compensated at the price.


9. Please do not bring people outside the college into the international student dormitory. If it is really necessary, please explain to the dormitory administrator and register the identity of the visitor before entering.


10. For safety, please be sure to return to the dormitory or off-campus residence before 11 pm.


11. Foreign students are prohibited from drinking alcohol. If the international students drink too much, all the consequences will be borne by themselves.


12. According to Chinese law, international students must not engage in paid work during their studies, such as being a language teacher, participating in commercial activities, etc., otherwise, they will be illegally employed and will be fined by the Public Security Bureau and bear legal responsibility.


13. The offices of the International Education Institute are in rooms 108 and 107 in the North Building. Working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:20 to 12:00 in the morning and from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. If you have any questions, international students can go to the office during working hours to find Teacher Zhang and Teacher Jiang.


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