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Regulations of International Student Dormitory

In order to maintain the normal order of study and life in the international student dormitory and create a good learning and living environment, Anhui University’s international student dormitory management regulations are now formulated as follows:


1. Upon check-in, students must bring their passports and other valid personal documents to the front desk to register and receive the room card after paying the accommodation deposit. The accommodation fee is paid monthly, please be sure to pay before the 5th of each month, otherwise, a 5% overdue fine will be charged.


2. All rooms in the dormitory for international students are managed under the unified plan of the International Education Institute and the Foreign Guest Reception Center. Students are not allowed to occupy vacant beds, exchange rooms or rent out rooms to others without authorization. If you need to change rooms, you must apply to the college, and the college will make overall arrangements for processing.


3. Lock doors, close windows, and cut off power when going out. Please take good care of your valuables, the room card cannot be lent to others casually. It is forbidden to change the room door lock or dispose of the room card at will. If the room card is lost, please report the loss to the front desk in time. The cost of replacing the room card will be borne by the student. If you leave the room card in the room, please ask the front desk staff for help, and it is forbidden to damage the door.


4. On weekdays (Monday to Friday), students must return to the dormitory before 23:00, and on weekends, students must return to the dormitory before 24:00.


5. Please keep indoor and dormitory public places sanitary, and take good care of the public property; loud noises and other activities that hinder others' study and rest are prohibited in the dormitory building.


6. Outsiders must register at the front desk to enter the dormitory. Students are not allowed to stay in the student dormitory, and outsiders must leave before 23:00.


7. When checking out, the student must return the room card. After the staff checks the room and confirms that the items are in good condition, the student can change the room or leave the school and collect the deposit; if the room facilities are found to be damaged or missing, the student must compensate at the price.


8. It is forbidden to conduct any activities that undermine China's security and stability in the dormitory.


9. It is forbidden to use high-power electric appliances such as electric rice cookers and microwave ovens in the dormitory, and they will be confiscated if they are found;


10. It is forbidden to bring dangerous items such as flammable, explosive or drugs into the dormitory. If a fire is caused by a student’s smoking or other misconduct, the student will bear all legal responsibilities in accordance with Chinese law.


11. If you have any questions about these regulations, please consult the front desk.


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