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Anhui University (Anhui University) is a national "double first-class" construction university. The Anhui Provincial People's Government and the Ministry of Education jointly established universities, and the Anhui Provincial People's Government and the National Defense Technology Industry Bureau jointly established universities. Anhui University is a key comprehensive university in Anhui Province.


Anhui University has a long history. It was founded in 1928 in Anqing, the capital of the province at the time, and marked the beginning of modern higher education in Anhui. During the Anti-Japanese War, the school was forced to move westward and was dispersed for a time. It was reopened in 1946 as the National Anhui University. Moved to Wuhu in December 1949. After several adjustments, the school was relocated to Hefei in 1956, and enrollment was fully restored in 1958. September 16, 1958, Comrade Mao Zedong personally wrote the school name for the school, the day was designated as the school day.


For more than 90 years, Anhui University has bravely assumed the responsibility of national rejuvenation, inherited local cultural traditions, shared the destiny with the country, and developed with the times. It has always adhered to the school motto of "sincere and solid, erudite and perseverance", and insisted on "quality school, talents strong school, and characteristics". The prosperity of the school", constantly striving forward and always pursuing excellence. After being selected as a national "211" construction university in the 1990s, the school has entered a new era. The school has successfully entered the national "double first-class" construction university and has become a core member unit of the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center Education and Research Zone. The school has trained more than 300,000 outstanding graduates and produced batch after batch of high-level scientific research results. It is an important base for the training of high-level talents in our province and an important force in the regional innovation system. Development has provided strong talent support and intellectual support, and made important contributions.


Anhui University has first-class conditions for running schools, has a relatively complete subject category, and has established a perfect talent training system. The school is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, one of the four major science and education cities in the country. It is the first batch of "national civilized campuses", the first batch of national language promotion bases, a national demonstration university for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, a national graduate employment model experience university, education The Ministry implements the "Excellent Legal Talent Training Program" among the first batch of universities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs selects and hires designated universities for civil servants.


Anhui University has four campuses and a university science and technology park, with a campus area of more than 3,200 acres, a building area of 1.26 million square meters, and a collection of more than 3.7 million paper books. It has built a first-class online teaching platform. The campus has an elegant environment and pleasant scenery. It is an ideal place for studying and pursuing a scholarship. There are 10 university disciplines including science, engineering, literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, management, education, art, etc. There are 2 national key disciplines and 25 provincial key disciplines; the school has existing 15 first-level disciplines for doctoral degree authorization, 1 second-level discipline for doctorate authorization, 32 first-level disciplines for master's degree authorization, 2 second-level disciplines for master's authorization, and 28 professional master's degree authorization categories, forming undergraduates and masters A complete high-level talent training system such as Ph.D., etc., and 13 post-doctoral research mobile stations have been built.


Anhui University always regards morality and cultivation as its fundamental task and attaches importance to the comprehensive development of students' morality, intelligence, physical education, and art. The school strives to explore a new model of talent training, adheres to the "three basics, all-round development", "integration of arts and sciences, science and engineering, education and research", "combination of general education and professional education", and strives to cultivate a sense of social responsibility and humanistic feelings, Scientific spirit and international vision, high-quality innovative talents from all walks of life serving the national and regional economic and social development.


Anhui University adheres to the integration of science and education, in-depth development of school-school, school-site, school-enterprise collaborative innovation, attaches importance to international cooperation, and extensively gathers talent training resources. The school cooperates with well-known scientific research institutes such as Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 38 China Electric Power Research Institute, iFLYTEK, Alibaba Cloud and other well-known scientific and technological companies to set up "Physical Science Elite Class", "Information Technology Elite Class", and "Aerospace Science and Technology Elite Class" "Integrated Circuit Advanced Materials Elite Class" and "Integrated Circuit Device Elite Class", together with the Hefei Municipal Government to focus on the needs of industrial technology, jointly established the Internet Academy; the school, the government, industry, and enterprises jointly carried out personnel training, creating a partnership with local governments The new model of joint training of graduate students; the school has carried out various forms of joint training of students with well-known foreign universities such as the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, the University of Maryland, the University of California Riverside, the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and the University of Comté in France.


Anhui University currently has more than 33,000 students, including more than 9,500 graduate students and more than 23,800 full-time undergraduates. There are 26 colleges (departments, departments) and 99 undergraduate majors, of which 22 majors are selected as national first-class undergraduate major construction sites (ranking the second among local universities in the country ); there are 2 national off-campus practice education bases for college students With 19 demonstration internships, training centers or school-enterprise cooperation practical education bases, there are 4 national and 8 provincial experimental teachings (training) demonstration centers, and 5 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers.


In recent years, Anhui University students have won more than 1,900 awards at the provincial and ministerial level and above, including the "Challenge Cup", ranking 63rd among the "Double First-Class" universities in the country; undergraduate students publish more than 200 high-level academic papers each year, including one published as the first author in the world's highest-level academic journal "Nature".


Anhui University adheres to the strategy of “strengthening the school with talents” and attaches great importance to the construction of the faculty. The formation is guided by the “academicians” of the two academies, and the leading talents of the national “outstanding youth”, “excellent youth” and “ten thousand people plan”. A clear faculty team, has a more reasonable structure, has a certain degree of internationalization, and meets the needs of the school’s development, and has formed a distinctive, influential, and potential subject team in several disciplines, and has cultivated several subjects such as "natural Top-notch talents such as “Star of Index Rising” and “Global Highly Cited Scientist”. There are currently more than 2,800 faculty members, including more than 1,800 teachings and research personnel, and more than 900 people with a professional title of associate professor or above. A group of teachers with noble ethics and excellent academic style have emerged in the school, such as Professor Zhou Yan, a master of law known as the "Roman Law Dictionary", and noble ones who "love education, love science, love students, despite fame and fortune, and value dedication" Professor Li Shixiong, a model of teacher's ethics, and Professor He Jiaqing, "National Poverty Alleviation Champion" and "National Model Worker", have led the construction of an excellent teaching style and school spirit.


Based on the characteristics of comprehensive disciplines, Anhui University strives to improve the level of scientific research in the disciplines. The school focuses on the establishment of the Institute of Material Science and Information Technology, the Institute of Huixue and Chinese Traditional Culture, the Institute of Innovation and Development Strategy, and the establishment of the Green Industry Technology Innovation Institute with Hefei to promote the cross-innovative development of various disciplines and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. . The National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, the National " 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center" sub-center, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, Anhui Laboratory, Anhui Technology Innovation Center, and Anhui Key Laboratory have been successively established. Laboratory, Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center, International Joint Research Center, National and Regional Research Center of Ministry of Education as the main scientific research platform. In recent years, the school has undertaken nearly 100 major national key projects and won more than 100 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research awards.


Four disciplines of the school are among the top 1% of ESI in the world, among which the ESI global ranking of materials science reaches the top 5.05‰. The school jointly builds and shares national scientific equipment such as steady-state strong magnetic fields, builds integrated circuit advanced materials and technology research facilities, and builds spherical aberration correction electron microscopy center, micro-nano processing center, low-temperature physical property measurement center, special material sample preparation center and other world-class centers A comprehensive experimental research platform for materials science.


The school has obvious advantages in humanities and social sciences, and the number of projects approved by the National Social Science Fund has long been among the top universities in the country. Based on the first batch of humanities and social sciences key research bases of the Ministry of Education, we will lead the establishment of the Anhui Province Colleges and Universities Hui Culture Inheritance Innovation Alliance, hold the first Hui Xue Academic Conference, lead and drive the research, protection, and inheritance of Hui Culture, and start the Hui cultural brand. The ancient script research team has undertaken 8 national-level projects and won the first prize of the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements twice. There are more than 110,000 rare books of ancient books and nearly 70,000 Huizhou documents. The bamboo slips in the Warring States Period are unearthed rare documents of the Pre-Qin Dynasty and have great academic significance.


Anhui University insists on opening up schools and gathering resources for running schools extensively. The school has signed multi-level school-city cooperation agreements with 16 cities in Anhui Province. It has also established a green industry technology innovation research institute with Hefei City and has established a three-creation college with Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has cooperated with more than 50 large and medium-sized The company has established close cooperative relations and maintained various forms of industry-university-research cooperation with more than 600 companies, providing various services for local economic and social development, and has become the main base for researching and solving major issues in Anhui’s economic construction and social development. one. The school is a Chinese education base announced by the state and one of the universities receiving government scholarships for international students. It has established exchanges and cooperation with 147 universities and scientific research institutions in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries and regions. The school and the State University of New York in Stony Brook jointly established the "Anhui University and New York Stony Brook College"; and established 4 Confucius Institutes in cooperation with St. Thomas University in Chile, Kharkiv University in Ukraine, Baku University in Azerbaijan, and Brest State University in Belarus. Among them, the Confucius Institute at the University of Santo Tomas, Chile has been selected as the "Global Advanced Confucius Institute" four times and was named the "Global Model Confucius Institute".


Under the guidance of the school motto of "sincerity and firmness, erudition and perseverance", generations of Anglicans have devoted themselves to hard work and inspiring practice, making the construction and development of the school continue to move forward. As a core member unit of the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center Education and Research Zone and an experimental university in Anhui Province to promote comprehensive innovation and reform of the experimental zone, Anhui University is fully integrated into the Yangtze River Delta integrated development strategy and is striving to promote the "double first-class" acceleration, characteristics, and high-Quality construction, and strive to make new and greater contributions to the five major developments of modernization, the construction of a beautiful Anhui and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way. Facing the future, Anhui University is working hard, pioneering and innovating, and is making strides towards the goal of building an internationally renowned and domestic first-class high-level university!


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