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Beijing Vocational College of Political Science and Law is a public full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Beijing Municipal People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The predecessor of the college was the Beijing Municipal Law Cadre School established in 1982. In 1985, it was renamed Beijing Municipal Law Management Cadre College. In 1993 and 2000, the former Beijing Legal Amateur University and Beijing Judicial School were merged into successively. In August 2003, Beijing Municipal Law Management Cadre College and the Third People's Police School merged to form Beijing Vocational College of Political Science and Law, which is now a model higher vocational college in Beijing. The college is based on the foundation of morality, service development, and employment promotion, deepening the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and the combination of work and learning to meet the needs of the capital’s economic and social and political, and legal development, and vigorously cultivate high-quality technical and technical personnel. Strive to build high-level political and legal higher vocational colleges with distinctive characteristics, leading quality, and good reputation.

The college has a pleasant campus environment, complete facilities, and first-class school conditions. The college has two campuses, Daxing and Yangzhou, with a total campus area of 357,000 square meters and a school building area of 136,000 square meters. The Yangzhou campus covers an area of 37,000 square meters, with a school building area of 32,000 square meters. It has the Municipal Political and Legal Committee Party School and the Capital Political and Legal Comprehensive Governance Network. Daxing campus is located in the north wing of the traffic circle of Beijing Daxing International Airport, the west side of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Daxing Industrial Park (the national new media industry base). It is adjacent to the People’s Public Security University of China, covering an area of 320,000 square meters. With an area of 104,000 square meters, there are five series and one. The total value of fixed assets of the college is more than 1 billion yuan, of which the total value of teaching equipment is more than 100 million yuan; the library has more than 500,000 paper books. The college has good basic conditions for learning, training, practical training, and life, with advanced facilities and convenient transportation.

The college insists on people-oriented, teacher-first, and strong teachers. The college has nearly 400 faculty members, including 3 professional leaders in Beijing, 2 innovation teams, 4 famous teaching teachers in Beijing, 1 famous vocational teacher, 3 outstanding teachers in Beijing, 5 young talents, and outstanding youths There are 24 key teachers and 5 pioneers of teacher ethics in Beijing. The college currently has 172 full-time teachers, of which more than 40% are professors and associate professors; more than 90% of them have a master's or doctoral degree or above. The vast majority of teachers are graduates of Peking University, Renmin University, Beijing Normal University, and University of Political Science and Law; they have a background of studying abroad. Or more than 60% of teachers with overseas training experience; 70% of teachers with "dual teacher type".

The college insists on cultivating morality and cultivating people, both morality and law, and the results of education are fruitful. The college has 5 departments and 21 majors, including Social Legal Work Department, Security Department, Applied Law Department, Economic, and Trade Law Department, Information Technology Department, Basic Department, and more than 4,100 full-time students. Currently, there are 2 key construction majors supported by the central government, 3 major construction majors supported by Beijing, 1 national vocational education professional teaching resource bank construction project, 3 key training bases supported by the central government, and 2 key construction training bases supported by Beijing There are 1 national quality course, 8 provincial and ministerial quality courses, 2 national excellent teaching achievement awards, and 11 provincial and ministerial excellent teaching achievement awards. Since its establishment, the college has trained more than 10,000 cadres for the political and legal system and sent more than 30,000 qualified graduates to the political and legal industry and society. The college highlights the talent training characteristics of “Lide Ming Law, Emphasis on Ability and Skills”. In recent years, students have won 373 awards in off-campus vocational skills, cultural and sports competitions, including 6 international and national vocational skills competition awards, provincial and ministerial awards. There are nearly 200 awards in the national level and national industry vocational skill competitions, and the employment rate of graduates has always been maintained at around 99%, which is well received by employers.

The college has deepened school-enterprise cooperation, integrated production, and education, and achieved remarkable results. Adhering to the purpose of serving the society, the college has created a new social service pattern with five modes including the education and training of the municipal party committee’s political and legal committee party school cadres, the capital political and legal comprehensive governance network information platform, applied law research, industry enterprise vocational training, and legal and social services. , Created a number of characteristic brand service projects. From 2008 to 2017, a total of more than 40,000 person-times of various types of vocational training were carried out. Published more than 2,200 teaching and scientific research results, including more than 200 books and textbooks, more than 2,000 papers, and more than 100 papers published in core journals; undertook more than 200 internal and external topics, including 4 national-level topics, provincial More than 30 ministerial-level topics. In particular, some applied law research topics have received the attention of the Central Political and Legal Committee, legislative and judicial departments, and some important research results have been promoted and transformed. Undertook more than 30 government-purchased service projects, and held training courses for college graduates in Xinjiang and higher vocational classes for retired soldiers. Participated in the Olympic Games, the National Two Sessions, the National Day, the China Open, the World Petroleum Congress, and other major event service work. Organize activities such as "Sending Laws to the Countryside", community corrections, and legal aid. The Capital Political and Legal Comprehensive Administration Network won the "Internet Government Affairs Communication Award" and "China's Most Influential Government Affairs Website" awards, and won the China Chang'an Network Information Reporting Work Reporting and adoption of "Double Firsts", providing a powerful force for the construction of the rule of law in Beijing Human, intellectual and information services.

The college insists on innovative development and connotation construction, and its characteristics are constantly displayed. Since the establishment of higher vocational colleges, especially since the 18th of the Communist Party of China, the college has insisted on taking the update of educational concepts as the forerunner, taking reform and innovation as the driving force, strengthening the construction of connotation, quality, and characteristics, and has successfully completed the evaluation of talent training, municipal demonstration schools and national backbone School declaration, demonstration school construction and vocational education classification system reform pilots and other key tasks, and passed the municipal demonstration construction acceptance with excellent grades, the college development has reached three steps, the comprehensive school strength has been greatly improved, and the school's advantages and characteristics have been continuously demonstrated. Facing the future, the college will continue to adhere to the mission of "based on Beijing, serve politics and law, serve the society, and serve the grassroots", highlight the talent training characteristics of "declaring law, emphasizing ability and technology", and cultivating high-quality talents with virtues and talents as the foundation. The goal is to innovate education concepts, deepen open cooperation, optimize school structure, strengthen connotation construction, improve system and mechanism, enhance school vitality, improve school quality, and strive to become my country’s political law The vanguard of higher vocational colleges.

New era, new journey, new mission, and new deeds. All teachers and students of the college will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China under the strong leadership of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, and the Party Committee of the Academy. Guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, they will earnestly study the Party building thought and education of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Ideology, political and legal thinking, adhere to the direction of socialist school running, adhere to the political-oriented, law-based, morality, morality, morality and law, vigorously promote the fine traditions of politics and law, with a broad mind, a broad vision, and a pragmatic style, The spirit of seeking truth, not forgetting the original intention, continuing to struggle, and unswervingly marching towards the high-level and distinctive strategic goals of the Vocational College of Political Science and Law, in order to achieve the "two centenary" goals and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation The Chinese Dream makes greater contributions.

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