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Scholarship Program for International Students of Master's Degree in Chinese Pharmacy

In order to actively implement the spirit of the "Belt and Road Education Initiative" and the "Beijing 13th Five-Year Education Development Plan", in-depth advance the "Study in Beijing Action Plan", and steadily implement the national "Belt and Road" development strategy and Beijing's "Four Centers" construction deployment, Attract more outstanding foreign students who love China to come to China to learn traditional Chinese medicine culture and technology, and promote the construction of our school’s work for international students in key countries along the “Belt and Road”. Through the construction of the “Belt and Road” scholarship project, we will build an inter-school cooperation platform between our school and universities along the route, promote the interconnection between Beijing and the “Belt and Road” countries, and establish a mechanism for mutual learning, exchange and cooperation, and resource sharing.

In 2018, our school was approved for the “Belt and Road” special scholarship program of Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship. In 2019, our school's scholarship program for foreign students with a master's degree in Chinese pharmacy enrolls full-time students from countries along the “Belt and Road”, and adopts an all-English teaching model. This project of our school cultivates much-needed traditional Chinese medicine and technical talents for countries along the “Belt and Road”, serves the development strategy of “One Belt and One Road” of capital Chinese medicine enterprises, cultivates students with good independent learning ability, and enables students to become masters of Chinese medicine. Advanced applied Chinese medicine professionals with basic theories, traditional Chinese medicine culture, traditional Chinese medicine processing, identification, preparation technology, and certain scientific research capabilities, so that they can deepen their recognition of traditional Chinese medicine culture and have the ability to spread preliminary Chinese medicine technology and culture to their nationals Ability to enable Chinese medicine to better serve the health and economic development of people in the countries along the Belt and Road, and to better enable Chinese medicine to benefit all mankind.

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