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Welcome meeting for international students was successfully held

On the afternoon of March 3, the 2016 International Student Meeting and Welcome Party of our school were successfully held on the campus of Aerospace City. Pang Donghui, member of the school party committee and director of the Space City campus management committee, Ye Yingfang, assistant to the principal and director of the International Cooperation Office, and comrades in charge of the relevant departments of the Space City campus, representatives of professional teachers, representatives of foreign teachers, and volunteers from overseas students participated in the activities.

At the welcome meeting, Pang Donghui expressed a sincere welcome to the international students on behalf of the school and introduced the school’s development history and school-running characteristics to everyone. I hope everyone can make full use of the opportunity to study in China and have a deep understanding of China’s historical and cultural status and future development. , To make efforts to promote friendly relations between countries. He asked all relevant departments of the school to cooperate closely to provide services for international students in various aspects such as study, life, and safety protection. Ye Yingfang introduced the international development of the school in detail to the international students, especially the cooperation with German and Mexican universities, and compared and explained the differences and integration of Chinese and Western cultures. I hope everyone will take the initiative to communicate with teachers and classmates. Adapt to the new living environment as soon as possible.

Professional teacher representative Liu Li, foreign teacher representative Aaron, student volunteer representative Zhu Kerui, etc. successively spoke, expressing that they will provide services in professional teaching, cultural adaptation, extracurricular activities, and life assistance in the future study and life of international students to help international students adapt to the new life as soon as possible. Isabel, a representative of international students from Germany, expressed her desire to come to the school for exchange and study and her expectation for future study and life.

It is reported that all the international students in this semester come from the outstanding student scholarship exchange program between our school and partner colleges. Our school has signed outstanding student scholarship exchange programs with Baden-Württemberg State Dual System University in Germany and Puebla America University in Mexico. Both sides select outstanding students to study in each other's colleges and exchange tuition fees. This semester international students from Germany and Mexico are selected by partner institutions to come to our school to learn Chinese characteristic courses and to study economics and management courses taught in English with Chinese students from our school. In order to allow international students to adapt to life and professional studies in Beijing as soon as possible, the Office of International Cooperation held a special seminar to explain in detail the contents of the management of foreign students’ documents, laws, and regulations, school discipline, and rules, daily life precautions, etc., with emphasis on religion Precautions related to sensitive issues such as activities, and to understand the study and life needs of international students through seminars. After the start of the semester, the International Cooperation Office organized international students to carry out campus visits, visits to the Beijing City, Shunyi Campus Spring Festival, and other activities, and are successively arranging various activities such as visits to famous scenic spots in Beijing, visits to well-known enterprises, and experiences of traditional Chinese culture to enrich international students. After-school life, promote international students to experience Chinese culture and understand China up close. All departments of the school attach great importance to the work of international students. The Department of International Studies, the Department of Linguistics, and the Graduate School arrange professional courses and student volunteers for international students. The school security department, the logistics department of the Aerospace City campus, and the Zhongguancun campus provide international students with living, transportation, and safety. The support and help in this respect ensure that international students spend a safe, happy, and rewarding semester in our school.




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