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Beijing Dance Academy is a full-time general higher education school with high-quality dance talent training, high-level dance theory research, and the creation of works as its main tasks. The school was formerly known as the Beijing Dance School and was founded in 1954. It was the first professional dance school in New China. In 1978, the Beijing Dance Academy was formally established with the approval of the State Council, under the Ministry of Culture. In 2000, it was transferred to the Beijing Municipal People's Government. The school has the right to confer bachelor's and master's degrees. It is the only specialized higher education institution for dance education in China. It is also the world's largest and well-known dance institution with comprehensive professional settings. It is known as the "cradle of dancers".

In recent years, the school has continuously deepened the reform of dance education and teaching. Now it has the Department of Chinese Classical Dance, the Department of Chinese Folk Dance, the Department of Ballet, the Department of International Standard Dance, the Department of Musical Theatre, the School of Creativity (including the Department of Choreography, Department of Modern Dance, and Department of Art Design, Video New Media Center), the College of Humanities (including the Department of Dance, the Department of Art Communication, and the Department of Art Theory), the College of Education, and the Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, the College of Continuing Education, and the affiliated secondary dance school. A dance education system with Chinese characteristics. The school currently has nearly 600 faculty members, nearly 2,300 full-time students (more than 1,300 undergraduates, nearly 200 postgraduates, and more than 800 affiliated high school students). The School of Continuing Education currently has more than 7,000 academic and non-academic education students. The Dance Examination Institute trains more than 50,000 dance examination teachers at home and abroad every year, and nearly 500,000 students take the dance examination.

In the 67 years since its establishment, the school has conscientiously implemented the party’s educational policy and literary policy, guided by the school motto of "obeying morality, harmony between heaven and earth; combining culture and dance, and both virtue and art", and "persist in the pursuit of high-level culture.", Adhere to high-quality personnel training, adhere to high-level universal education" as the work goal, take the lead and promote the reform and development of Chinese dance education as its own responsibility, adhere to morality, and fully perform personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, international exchanges and cooperation and other important functions, strive to build a world-class dance university with Chinese characteristics.

The basic positioning of the school: a teaching and research-oriented dance college, and a high-level characteristic dance university in Beijing.

Service Positioning: Based on the capital, serving the country, facing the world, and serving the construction of socialist dance culture with Chinese characteristics.

Function positioning: dance talent training base, dance academic research base, dance creation base, dance culture inheritance innovation base, dance culture, and art think tank.

Disciplinary orientation: focus on the development of superior disciplines in dance performance, dance education, dance choreography, and dance theory, and actively promote the construction of related disciplines such as stage science and art, art management, media technology, and dance human science, and strive to improve the dance discipline system with Chinese characteristics.

Talent training target orientation: Dance cultural talents with a solid foundation, comprehensive quality, strong adaptability, and innovative spirit. The focus is on training elite talents in dance performances and choreography, and senior talents in dance education and research.

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