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The third "Blessing" activity



"One yang removes wax meaning, everything moves spring heart". Since the beginning of spring is our country's traditional festival-the Spring Festival, the Confucius Institute at Jiangwon University held the third "Love and Good Fortune in the Spring Festival" activity for the Spring Festival around the beginning of February.


South Korean culture advocates white. The Spring Festival couplets in Lichun are written on white paper: "Lichun is great, Jianyang is more celebrated"; Chinese Spring Festival culture respects red, and there is a custom of welcoming blessings and sticking blessings on Chinese New Year. . To this end, the Confucius Institute has integrated the cultural customs of China and South Korea, carefully selected papers of various colors, and carried out activities of writing Spring Festival couplets and sending blessings before the beginning of spring.


In order to better spread Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute adopted an artistic transformation of the word "Fu" from the second Chinese New Year's "Blessing" event, combining it with genus, and expressing the pursuit of happiness more vividly and intuitively. This year, the college teachers worked together and finally determined that the upper right corner of the word "Fu" was transformed into "ox horn, cow face", and the lower right corner was transformed into a pattern of "copper money pocket". This shape of blessing embodies the beautiful vision of the year of the ox with bullishness, courage, and wealth. Once announced, it was particularly welcomed by the teachers and students of Gangwon University in South Korea.


In order to strengthen cultural propaganda and expand its influence, in addition to the teachers and students of Gangwon University, the Confucius Institute used the online platform to provide blessings and spring festival couplets for people all over Korea. In just two days, hundreds of people from society applied. Unexpectedly, the teachers of the Confucius Institute had to work overtime to write. Although their bodies were exhausted, their hearts were excited.


In the past week, the teachers of the Confucius Institute of our school have given the number of blessings and spring couplets to the Gangwon Provincial Government, the Gangwon Provincial Education Department, the Gangwon Provincial People’s Daily, the faculty and staff of Gangwon University, the Confucius Institute Alumni Association of Gangwon University, the students of the Confucius Institute, and people from all over Korea. At the same time, we will present all kinds of New Year goods and lucky bags full of Chinese characteristics to the college students and the public at the same time, to send the blessings of spring, and also to the Confucius Institute at Beihua University.


Since there have been two "Fu" activities during the Spring Festival before, the traditional Chinese red blessing character has been accepted by more and more Korean friends who are familiar with and love Chinese culture, and some people even want to write blessings on gold and red paper. word. The person in charge of the Confucius Institute said that this is the original intention of the Confucius Institute to hold this event, telling the story of China well and letting more people know China.






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