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The school provides epidemic prevention for international students



As the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread abroad, the focus of epidemic prevention and control has changed from domestic epidemic prevention to preventing overseas imports. In recent days, the school has actively guided overseas students to prevent and control the epidemic while doing a good job in the prevention and control of domestic students.


School leaders are very concerned about the safety of international students and guide related work. On March 19, in order to encourage the school's international students to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic at home and abroad, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office conveyed the greetings of the school’s party committee secretary Li Yanfeng and the principal Ren Yushan to international students currently living abroad: “The school leaders are very concerned about overseas students. It is hoped that students from all over the world will prevent and control the epidemic in their own country and maintain a good physical and mental state. If there is a need for epidemic prevention, they can contact the relevant teachers of the school. The school will fully support the active epidemic prevention activities of students abroad. Students cooperate with the school to do all kinds of epidemic prevention work."


After receiving greetings from school leaders, international students expressed their gratitude to the school, and expressed that they felt the warmth from the school during difficult times, were confident to protect themselves in their home countries, and would actively cooperate with the school to prevent and control the epidemic. , Greet the arrival of the new semester in good condition.


In terms of domestic epidemic prevention for international students, the International Education Exchange College, the Logistics Department and the school hospital continue to provide good epidemic prevention services for international students. In order to reduce student travel, the international student management teacher regularly understands and counts the life needs of each international student, and the staff of the Logistics Department (Friendship Club) distributes daily necessities and fresh ingredients and other daily necessities for the international students living on campus. During the epidemic, On-campus accommodation for international students provides a good life guarantee. At the same time, international student management teachers regularly distribute protective masks and medicines to international students living off-campus to ensure that every student living off campus receives timely anti-epidemic supplies. Assist doctors in the school hospital to provide timely treatment suggestions for students who are unwell, rule out suspected cases of new coronary pneumonia, and enable international students who are ill to receive timely treatment.


During the epidemic, the international student management teachers maintained a 24-hour service every day, overcoming factors such as jet lag, answering questions and providing necessary comfort and psychological counseling for international students, dealing with emergencies and key issues in a timely manner, and effectively safeguarding the school's international students' learning Life goes smoothly and is safe and stable.


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