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The School of International Education Exchange is the school's international exchange, language education and enrollment and management departments for international students in China. There are functional departments such as the College Office, the International Student Project (Management) Office, and the Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.


The International Student Project (Management) Office is responsible for the enrollment and management of international students in China. The office is equipped with an international management team for international students in China. It adopts a two-level management model from the school and the school. The management personnel have rich experience in international training. They can use English, Korean, Japanese, Russian and other languages to communicate with students and provide admissions and Management service.


The Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language was established in 1984. The teaching of Chinese as a foreign language undertakes the task of "introducing China to the world and letting the world understand China". The teaching is based on Chinese language and culture, with obvious humanistic and international characteristics, and cultivates a solid language Basic, have a certain understanding of Chinese language and literature, Chinese culture, have the ability of cross-cultural communication and cooperation, and the basic ability to engage in related work, and be able to engage in Chinese-foreign cultural exchanges or work related to the application of Chinese. Beihua University is the only test center for HSK in Jilin area. The HSK passing rate of international students of this university is at the leading level in the province.


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