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School leaders visits foreign teachers and students



On February 4th, on the morning of the Lunar New Year, the school’s party committee secretary Li Yanfeng and vice-principal Qi Jizhong visited some foreign teachers and students in Kyrgyzstan and the school. Relevant persons in charge of the school office, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office (International Education Exchange Institute), the Logistics Department and other departments accompanied the visit.


The school leaders first came to the Friendship Hall to visit and give condolences. In the student dormitory, Li Yanfeng talked cordially with international students, learned about their studies and living conditions during the winter vacation, inquired about the epidemic situation in their country, and extended cordial greetings to their relatives far abroad, and sent them to the international students. New Year greetings. Li Yanfeng told international students that the current situation of the epidemic in China is basically good, but everyone still needs to take personal protection, work and rest on time, strengthen exercise, maintain physical and mental health, maintain a learning state, and welcome the arrival of the new semester with a good appearance. When visiting the family of the Malagasy foreign teacher Luna, Li Yanfeng learned about the foreign teacher's work and family situation, had a cordial conversation with the foreign teacher and his family, asked about the foreign teacher's living conditions and needs, and sent holiday blessings to the foreign teacher and the whole family. In the homes of international students living off campus such as Bohai Shanshui Yuntian Community, Li Yanfeng highly affirmed the positive and optimistic living conditions of international students and urged students to pay attention to the safety of off-campus accommodation and hope that they will spend a healthy and happy vacation. He also asked in detail whether there are difficulties in student life, and said that the school will fully support and help international students in difficulties in all aspects of life and study.


During the condolences, Li Yanfeng and Qi Jizhong sent exquisite Spring Festival condolences to foreign teachers and students, hoping to let foreign teachers and students far away from the motherland and hometown feel the warmth from the school when the traditional Chinese festival is approaching. The condolences included traditional Chinese New Year goods such as dumplings, fruits, and candies, as well as culturally rich Chinese knot blessing pendants and other New Year blessing gifts, as well as daily necessities such as masks and hand sanitizers for students. I heard that school leaders and teachers are coming to visit. Many international students dressed in national and ethnic costumes are waiting at home and dormitories. Leaders and teachers are invited to take photos with them on the spot. To express his gratitude to the school, Hamid, an international student of the Indian MBBS project (English-taught clinical medicine major), also cooked Indian milk tea by hand at home early and gave it to every leader and teacher who visited. Everyone exchanged joyfully while tasting milk tea, and the scene was full of joy. While receiving blessings from the school, foreign teachers and students also expressed their gratitude to the school in various forms. They said that in this cold winter, being able to receive cordial blessings and New Year gifts from school leaders when the traditional Chinese New Year is approaching makes us feel the warmth of home. I am very grateful to the school for still thinking about our international students in such a special period, and for bringing us surprises. We will always love China and North China.


Up to now, the school has a total of 55 international students, of which 33 live on campus and 22 live off-campus. Because of the actual situation of international students staying in the school and Kyrgyzstan, the International Education Exchange Institute adheres to the system of leading classes, teachers on duty and daily inspections, and provides guarantees for international students staying in school and Kyrgyzstan according to nationality, class, and accommodation inside and outside the school. Communicate with students on time and grasp the physical and mental conditions of students, provide targeted assistance to students, and solve students' learning and living difficulties during the holiday. In order to enrich the life of international students during the winter vacation and improve their language and cultural level, the college also organizes some key teachers to sacrifice their vacation time, focusing on the HSK HSK online tutoring course for international students staying in school and in Kyrgyzstan, teaching three and a half days a week. Meet the long-term learning needs and expectations of students. In addition, during the winter vacation, we insist on opening a "Chinese Cinema" twice a week for international students, and organize international students to watch classic Chinese movies online regularly. During the period, relevant teachers will explain in detail the relevant information, language and culture of the film, allowing international students to perceive various Chinese cultures and experience life through excellent films. It also uses the characteristics of the film’s strong plot and rich daily language to inspire international students to learn The enthusiasm for Chinese cultivates the daily use of Chinese for international students.


Before the beginning of the winter vacation, the School of International Education and Exchange, together with the Security Department, the Logistics Department, and the Friendship Club, carried out a comprehensive visit to international students living inside and outside the campus. During the period, the emphasis will be on the importance of the prevention and control of the epidemic during the holidays, the precautions for travel during the holidays, and the safety-related matters during the holidays. This visit and condolences and various targeted cultural activities during the winter vacation have better enriched the study life of international students at the school and strengthened the enthusiasm and interest of international students in learning. It is for the in-depth implementation of staged epidemic prevention and control and campus holidays. Security and stability provide a strong guarantee.






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