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Medical insurance


In order to ensure that international students complete their studies in a healthy and smooth manner, according to the relevant regulations of the Chinese government, international students must participate in the comprehensive medical insurance of China Ping An Insurance Company, which is collectively insured by the school, after coming to the school. Those who do not participate in the comprehensive medical insurance cannot register for school. The amount of insurance premium is: 400 yuan per semester and 800 yuan per academic year.


1. For international students who enjoy full scholarships from the Chinese government, the insurance premium will be paid by the Ministry of Education of China.

2. For self-financed international students who study at school for more than one semester (including), the school will apply for insurance for free.

3. Types of claims: 1) Death or accidental disability; 2) Accidental injury medical treatment; 3) Outpatient and emergency medical treatment; 4) Inpatient medical treatment.



1. If an insured accident is treated in two or more hospitals, relevant documents such as the corresponding hospital diagnosis certificate, medical history, etc. must be issued;

2. The visiting hospital must be a public hospital in Mainland China designated by the insurance company.

3. Address of Ping An Insurance Co., Ltd.: Lai China Project Team, 9th Floor, Ping An Building, No. 23 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing (Postal Code 100033), website:


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