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Postgraduate Project


Beihua University has 116 master's degree-granting sites. Since 2007, international students from more than 30 countries and regions have received postgraduate education in the school. In recent years, school management, medicine and other disciplines have been favored by international students in China. The number of applications for advanced studies in related majors has been increasing every year. The continuous expansion of the school's discipline construction and professional fields provides more choices for international students in China. At present, the professional talents trained in various majors have made important achievements and contributions in the fields of domestic and foreign economics, trade, medical care, and education.


Application process

Applicants can choose any of the following methods to apply for study at Beihua University:

Method 1: Applicants can register directly online

Method 2: Applicants can come to the International Students Office of Beihua University and directly submit materials to apply for registration.

Method 3: Applicants download the "Application Form for Admission for International Students of Beihua University in China" from the Internet, and send the completed application form and application materials to the mailbox of the International Students Office of Beihua University by e-mail



1. The International Students Office receives the complete application materials and completes the admission procedures after passing the examination. About 2 weeks later, the "Beihua University Admission Notice" and the "Visa Application Form for Foreigners Studying in China" will be sent to the mailing address provided by the student. "(JW202 Form).

2. The admitted applicants should apply for an X visa to study in China at the Chinese embassy (consulate) in their country with the "Admission Notice of Beihua University" and "Visa Application Form for Studying in China".

3. Admitted applicants should come to the school to register in strict accordance with the time and place stated in the "Beihua University Admission Notice". Those who postpone their registration without the school's approval will not be accepted by the school.


Entrance qualifications

1. The applicant holds a foreign ordinary passport and is in good health;

2. Applicants should be under 50 years old (inclusive);

3. Applicants should have a degree equivalent to Chinese university graduation;

4. Chinese proficiency meets the relevant professional learning requirements.


Application materials

1. "Beihua University Admission Application Form for International Students in China";

2. Copy of passport data page;

3. HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate

4. Notarized copies of graduation certificates and transcripts of bachelor degree or above (in Chinese or English);

5. Two recommendation letters from associate professors and above.


Standard costs

(Charged in RMB)

Liberal Arts: 19,000 yuan/academic year

Science and Engineering: 21,000 yuan/academic year

Medicine, art, sports: 29,000 yuan/academic year

Registration fee: 400 yuan

Accommodation fee: 6000 yuan/academic year (double standard room)

Insurance: Free medical insurance is provided.


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