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Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship


Scholarship application

(1) Application conditions

1. Citizens with foreign nationalities, in good health;

2. Comply with the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the school rules and regulations;

3. Have a bachelor's degree recognized by the Ministry of Education of China, under the age of 35;

4. Excellent academic performance requires a recommendation from two professors or associate professors;

5. He has not received any other scholarships from the Chinese government at the same time.


(2) Application channels and acceptance time

Foreign students can consult through the government departments, relevant agencies, Chinese embassies and consulates in their countries that are responsible for the dispatch of international students or log on to the websites of the relevant institutions of higher learning in Jilin Province that enroll foreign graduate students to inquire about the enrollment status of foreign students scholarships of the Jilin Provincial Government. According to the application conditions of the scholarship students, a written application shall be submitted directly to the colleges and universities that are qualified to enroll scholarship students determined by the Provincial Department of Education according to the academic year. The majors applied for must be the existing majors of the enrolling colleges and universities that can recruit foreign master's students.


(3) Application materials (all materials please provide in Chinese or English)

Applicants must truthfully fill in and submit the following application materials:

1. One original and one copy of "Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students" (uniformly printed by the Provincial Department of Education);

2. Notarized highest academic certificate and academic transcript; if the applicant is a school student or is already employed, he/she must also submit an enrollment certificate issued by the school or employment certificate issued by the employer; the non-Chinese or English version must be attached with the certificate Notarized corresponding Chinese or English translation;

3. Transcript of HSK;

4. The original and photocopy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record";

5. Study and research plan in China (not less than 1000 words);

6. Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors at the graduate school;

After the above-mentioned application materials are accepted by the institutions of higher learning, they will be sent to the Provincial Department of Education at the time of submission for approval. The Provincial Department of Education will not accept individual applications. Regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not, the application materials of the applicant will not be returned.


Scholarship content

The Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students is a full scholarship. The student category is a master's degree, the professional study period is 2 years, and the scholarship funding period is 2 years. Including tuition, accommodation, comprehensive insurance, basic living expenses, etc. Among them, the basic living expenses are paid monthly, and the standard is RMB 1,700/person/month.


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