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Chinese Government Scholarship


(1) Enrollment category:

Full-time on-campus master's degree students;


(2) Enrollment target:

It is limited to recruiting new students, not to students who have already studied in China, and recruits directly from abroad;


(3) Applicant qualifications:

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health; those who come to China to study for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35;


(4) Scholarship content:

Exemption from registration fees, tuition fees and on-campus accommodation fees;

Provide a scholarship for living expenses: Master's ¥3000/month;

Provide comprehensive medical insurance for Chinese government scholarships for international students in China;


(5) Application method:

First, apply online (, Beihua University Admissions Agency Code is 10201)

After the online application is successful, please send the following paper materials to the International Student Program (Management) Office of Beihua University

    • One original and one copy of the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship, filled in Chinese or English;

    • (This form can be downloaded from the website or downloaded from this website)
    • Notarized highest education certificate. If the applicant is a school student or is already employed, he/she must also submit an enrollment certificate issued by the school or an employment certificate issued by the employer. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

    • Copy and English translation of graduation certificate and degree certificate;

    • Study and research plans in China (not less than 800 words), written in Chinese or English;

    • Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors must be submitted, written in Chinese or English;

    • A copy of the Foreigner’s Physical Examination Record and the blood test report. Please bring the original with you when you come to China.

    • Note 1) Fax copies of application materials will not be accepted. 2) Regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not, the above application materials will not be returned.


(6) Material submission address:

  • Room 111, School of International Education and Exchange, Beihua University, 3999 Binjiang East Road, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China

  • Zip code: 132013; Tel: 0086-432-64608517; Fax: 0086-432-64608511

  • Email:

  • Application deadline: March 1


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