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Campus and off-campus accommodation are optional. Campus accommodation is an international student apartment that has two room types: a twin room and a single room. The charging standard of twin rooms on F3, F4, F5, F6 is RMB80/day/bed and that of a single room is RMB150/day/bed. Please be reminded that a single room is only available for doctoral candidates currently.


International student apartment offers time-limited accommodation service. Usually, students could check in 15 days before the beginning of the term and must check out 15 days after graduation. An advance statement is needed for special requirements. However, the extension shall be within 30 days. Students need to rent a guest room which is about RMB260/day/room if they come too early or leave too late. Please be reminded to schedule your time. Students who continue to study here next semester will not worry about it because they can stay on campus as international students. However, you must check out and your room card shall be returned if your guest room is left empty for more than 15 days. Please be reminded that your luggage must be packed even though the room could be reserved for you.


Some rules must be abided by if you choose to live on campus. The international student apartment has a communal kitchen for students to use within the stipulated time. Please be reminded that you must clean the kitchen after using it. A two-month accommodation fee shall be paid at least when you start to live on campus and then it could be paid based on the month. The fee of one month must be paid before the 10th day of next month and you will get a fine for default of payment. Damaged communal property shall be compensated according to the cost. An international student who allows non-tenant of the apartment to live in his/her room, or gives his/her room key to non-tenant will lose the right of living in the apartment. Please be reminded that keeping pets is forbidden in the apartment. Students who choose to live off-campus must make sure that they sign a legal and valid lease agreement to avoid unnecessary legal disputes. If you live off-campus, please go to the local police station to complete registration with your landlord in 24 hours when the agreement is signed. Chinese laws and regulations must be abided by for international students living off-campus who must assume responsibility for lawbreaking.


Located in Beijing, in the north of China, Beijing Film Academy just has one campus. Non-degree students and Degree students are both welcomed by the BFA. All the international students can live on campus, and accommodation is just about RMB 75~110 per person a day. Here are some tips to notice:

  • Dormitories are limited. First come, First Served. Partly students living on the campus can be guaranteed.
  • To rent off the campus is allowed.
  • 24 hours check-in service and reception service.
  • Up to half a month moving in before registration is allowed.
  • International Students Dormitory (The H Building), Tel: 010-8204 5798
  • Usually, registration should be done before checked in. However, you can apply for check-in before registration under special circumstances.
  • Payment methods for tuition fee and application fee: Cash (RMB) or Transfer
  • Payment methods for insurance cost: Wechat(RMB).


The Main Campus

BFA is located in No.4 Xi to cheng street Haidian District Beijing. The international students' dormitory is at International School on campus. The admitted students can apply for a dormitory at the International dormitory in person with a "Letter of Admission" after registration.



The international students' dormitory is at International School on campus. International Students may apply for rooms in person with a "Letter of Admission" after registration.



The dormitory with an independent toilet that can take a shower, a public kitchen with refrigerators & a laundry room.

Air-condition, central heating, telephone, TV and closest、safe box, etc.

We have the bedding article.

You should pay the cost of the network.



You can pay an accommodation fee by season(3 months), but at least two months for the first check-in.

Accommodation Fee Payment Method: Alipay, Non-Refundable.


Room Price:

Room Type

Room Price


Single Room

RMB 150 (per person per day)

Only for PH.D students

Double Room

RMB 80 (per person per day)

3,4,5,6 floors






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