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Q1: How much for living expenses per month does a person need for studying in Beijing Film Academy?

A: Specific expenses will depend on the spending of the person. However, generally speaking, RMB1700 per month per international student is for the minimum standard of living in Beijing (including meal fee and basic daily expenses) except for tuition and accommodation.


Q2: How about the accommodation of Beijing Film Academy? What room type to be selected?

A: International students could live in student's apartments on the campus of Beijing Film Academy, which comprises two room types: single room and a double room with charging standard of RMB110/day/bed and RMB75/day/bed respectively. Due to the small number of single rooms, it's only available for doctoral candidates.


Q3: Could international students live outside of Beijing Film Academy? 

A: International students can live outside and please ask renting agent for specific house rental information. Please pay attention to the legitimacy and security of the apartment you rent. And remember to do lodging registration in the local police station.


Q4: What is international student insurance? Is it a must for international students to study at Beijing Film Academy?

A: International student insurance is an insurance product of Ping An Insurance Company identified by the Ministry of Education of PRC. Beijing Film Academy asks all self-supporting international students to buy it in order to guarantee their safe and sound studying and living. Hence, it's a must for international students.


Q5: Where can I see a doctor studying at Beijing Film Academy?

A: Feeling uncomfortable or falling ill is unavoidable during your stay in Beijing. You are recommended to see a doctor at the university hospital of Beijing Film Academy (BFA) if you only catch a cold or get mild symptoms. The university hospital is located on F2 of F Complex Building very close to an international student apartment. Please take your student ID with you for visiting the university hospital. Moreover, someone who is good at Chinese should be asked to visit the hospital with you if your Chinese is not good enough. Then the doctor will understand your conditions well.

You are recommended to go to Peking University Third Hospital if your condition is serious. Peking University Third Hospital is near to BFA only costing starting fare by taxi. Your passport and some cash must be prepared for visiting such hospitals and all fee receipts must be kept soundly. 


Q6: How many types of tuition to be collected to Beijing Film Academy?

A: There are three ways to pay tuition:

1. It's paid with RMB cash.

2. It's paid through a bank transfer. Please be aware that it will produce some bank handling charges for the transfer. What's more, the exchange rate always changes. Please make sure to transfer tuition more than or equal to the required amount.

3. It's paid with a Pay-Union card. Students should go to the Financial Office of the Academy with a Pay-Union card to pay for it. Please mind that tuition must be paid in a month since the day that term begins. Otherwise, the international student visa will be delayed. Beijing Film Academy can't accept installments for tuition.


Q7: Does Beijing Film Academy have a pick-up service at the airport? How to arrive at Beijing Film Academy from Beijing Capital International Airport?

A: So far, Beijing Film Academy doesn't have a pick-up service at the airport. Students could come to the Academy by taxi or airport express. It's RMB25 for airport express to arrive at Xitucheng Station of Line 10. Please get out from exit C and go south for 500m to reach the Academy. It will take 60min or so to arrive by taxi at expense of RMB100-120. If you are in a traffic jam or other situations, it will take more time and cost.


Q8: What kind of transportation can I use at Beijing Film Academy?

A: It will be helpful for your study and life if you learn the transport system well as Beijing is a cosmology. Subway, bus and taxi are available for your trip. BFA is located downtown with convenient transport.

The nearest subway station to BFA is Xitucheng Station on line 10. You are recommended to inquire road map to prepare for your trip.

Please be reminded that a taxi ticket must be kept properly when you take a taxi.

If you buy a motor vehicle during the period you study in Beijing, please make registration in the international student office with your passport and driving license. Chinese traffic laws must be abided by when you drive a motor vehicle. The motorcycle is not allowed as the vehicle of international students in BFA to guarantee their safety. And those who cause any traffic accidents because of arbitrary use of motorcycles shall bear the consequences by him/herself. A bicycle is recommended to be your vehicle in BFA.


Q9: Is there any bank on the campus of Beijing Film Academy?

A: There is no bank inside the Academy. The ATM of the Agricultural Bank of China downstairs in the students' dining hall will meet the basic financial service of students. Bank of Beijing is only 200m away from the campus. You can find it north of the gate of the Academy.


Q10: How about the internet service inside the Beijing Film Academy?

A: For students living in international student's apartments, you can ask the apartment reception desk about internet access, access fees and student's internet traffic calculation. The whole campus is covered with WiFi. International students could use the campus wireless network with their username and password of Campus Card. The Internet access fee will be charged according to the user traffic.


Q11: How does the entrance examination of the Film Production English Undergraduate program of Beijing Film Academy go each year?

A: The entrance exam of the program focuses on interviews. Applicants abroad must pass the online interview. Moreover, applicants must submit admission statements, personal films or TV works and English level certification. Please see the statement on the enrollment website.


Q12: Is there any auxiliary class before examination owned by Beijing Film Academy?

A: Beijing Film Academy doesn't have any kind of auxiliary class. At present, many auxiliary classes in the name of our Academy in society claim that they can promise to help you be admitted to some major and collect a large amount of tuition. All international students with their parents must be cautious.


Q13: When shall be OK to apply for the class Chinese language learning at the Beijing Film Academy? Is there any entrance examination?

A: Students can apply for the class of Chinese language learning any time in the International School of Beijing Film Academy. They can join a class in the middle of the course. However, taking into consideration of systematic learning, application in February or June is recommended. Thus, international students could select a class suiting their Chinese level. Chinese language class for further studies has no entrance exam. However, there will be a placement test for admission in order to help international students find a class suiting their language level.


Q14: When shall be OK to apply for a class for professional advanced study at Beijing Film Academy? Is there any entrance examination?

A: May to June each year is OK for international students to apply for classes for professional advanced study. Some such classes (such as the School of Performing Arts) will ask applicants to attend an interview to understand their Chinese level and professional quality. Professional advanced students will start their class in mid-September each year.


Q15: What kind of Chinese level certification of international students to study in Beijing Film Academy is required for various majors?

A: Except for Film Production English Program, all majors require a relevant Chinese level exam (HSK) certificate. Undergraduate applicants and general advanced students shall provide a new HSK5 certificate. Post-graduate applicants and senior advanced students shall provide a new HSK6 certificate.


Q16: I was Chinese and obtained a foreign nationality last year. Shall I apply for Beijing Film Academy as an international student this year?

A: Based on relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, the applicant must keep a foreign passport or certificate of nationality for more than 4 years and have a record of living abroad for more than 2 years in the last 4 years. Moreover, applicants from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are not international students.


Q17: What kind of scholarship could I apply for when I study at Beijing Film Academy?

A: You are available to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship provided by China Scholarship Council (CSC). Please log on CSC website for a detailed application process. Besides, some excellent admitted self-supporting international students will be awarded Beijing Municipal Overseas Students Scholarship to reduce or exempt tuition according to admission performance and admission proportion. The scholarship needs no application and will be paid with a one-off payment when tuition is collected.


Q18: How could I get the visa for studying at Beijing Film Academy?

A: Please take the visa application form for international students issued by Beijing Film Academy and your Letter of Admission to Chinese Embassies or Consulates to ask for an X1 (study) visa. Please be reminded that you must register a residence permit for study in 30 days after entering China according to the requirements of the International Student Office.


Q19: What is a residence permit for study at Beijing Film Academy?

A: It's a kind of special visa for international students who stay in China to study for a long time (more than 6 months [included]).


Q20: How shall I get a residence permit to study at Beijing Film Academy?

A: Before you enter China, the visa application form for international students issued by Beijing Film Academy, the Letter of Admission, passport, and a 2-inch photo (same size as a passport photo) must be got ready. And teachers in International Student Office will help you apply for a residence permit for study when you get to Beijing Film Academy.


Q21: I am required to register on September 5. Shall I arrive at Beijing Film Academy the days before?

A: It's available for you to arrive in Beijing in advance. However, please notice the validity of your visa. Otherwise, your application for a residence permit will be affected. Usually, it's recommended that you can come to Beijing 7 days before the registration date. Too early arrival (more than 10 days before the registration date) is not recommended. All the consequences arising from too early arrival, such as unavailable application of visa, shall be on the international student's own account.


Q22: Shall I have a part-time job or full-time work when I study at Beijing Film Academy?

A: According to relevant regulations, so far, international students are not allowed to work outside or participate in relevant profitable activities. You'll be fined or even detained for an illegal part-time job.


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