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Hold academic exchange activities

From September 24 to 26, to accelerate the construction of the “Belt and Road” education and culture department. Doctoral students Xu Mo and Gao Yaru of the School of International Education of our school went to Jiangsu Normal University for research and study, and Sun Hongqi. Director of the Pakistan Studies Center of the school Professors and others conduct academic exchange activities.

Director Sun introduced the original intention and development history of the Pakistan Research Center, the current staff composition, and academic research results. And expressed strong support and preparation for the preparation of the Pakistani chapter of the "Belt and Road" Education and Culture Department for Ph.D. students in our school. Highly praised.

Director Sun pointed out that there is a gap in my country's educational research in Pakistan, and this field deserves a comprehensive review and in-depth analysis.

Director Sun also patiently guided the two doctoral students in our school to carefully compare data from different sources in the process of academic research, distinguish the authenticity with a rigorous attitude, and maximize the authenticity and reliability of the research results.




Since its establishment in 2011, the Pakistan Studies Center of Jiangsu Normal University has been committed to promoting Pakistan-related research work, covering the country’s basic research, security research, international relations research, regional economic research, and other fields.

Pakistani universities are engaged in cooperation and exchanges. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, the center opened a "Pakistan Studies" column in the Journal of Jiangsu Normal University.

Compiled and published "Pakistan Research Papers Collection", "Pakistan Studies" essays, and other academic works, initiated and jointly organized with Pakistan Information Technology University "China-Pakistan Business Forum" and trained several master students to carry out research work in Pakistani education.

During the visit, the two doctoral students visited the library database of the Pakistan Studies Center of the school, sorted out and screened out precious foreign books and papers that were helpful to the writing of manuscripts, which greatly promoted the foreign-language literature collection of the project.

In addition, the doctoral students of our school also held talks with Pakistani foreign students of Jiangsu Normal University and invited Pakistani students to participate in the writing of the manuscripts of the Pakistan chapter of the “Belt and Road” Department of Education and Culture of our school.

The proposal was enthusiastically received by Pakistani students. response.




This visit is one of the research and study activities of our school to carry out the "Belt and Road" education and culture major project, and promotes the in-depth cooperation between Beijing Foreign Studies University and Jiangsu Normal University in Pakistan's education research.

Which will help enrich the document database of this project, ensure the scientificity and reliability of the contents of the fascicles, and promote the inter-school exchanges and cultural trust between Chinese and Pakistani students.

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