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Hold salon academic lectures

2020 December 23 afternoon, the academic Institute of International Education Salon lectures at Beijing Foreign Studies University International Building held in our school.

Professor Sun Shanxue, Vice President of China Vocational and Technical Education Association, Standing Director and Academic Committee Member of China Vocational Education Society,

And Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Vocational College of Political Science and Law. Development and policy points, practical points, and theoretical points gave a wonderful speech from all angles.




The lecture was presided over by the Dean Professor Qin Huimin. Dean Qin Huimin introduced Professor Sun Shanxue's academic background, academic research status.

And representative academic achievements, and introduced the new ideas for the development and construction of disciplines in our college that will take vocational and technical education as the college's new discipline growth point.



Professor Sun Shanxue delivered a speech


In the lecture, Professor Sun Shanxue comprehensively sorted out the guiding direction of the important policy documents of the party and the state since the 2014 National Vocational Education Work Conference and explained that vocational education is an important component of national competitiveness.

Vocational education in China is entering a new stage of development and is taking place. The pattern of changes requires vocational education in accordance with the law of type education.

Professor Sun Shanxue believes that the focus of the practice of vocational education in the new era includes improving the system and functions of vocational school education.

Promoting high-quality development of vocational education, an education model that integrates production and education, and promoting vocational colleges and industrial enterprises to form a community of destiny.

Professor Sun Shanxue said that the theoretical focus of vocational education in the new era should focus on type education theory, professional construction theory.

Vocational education goal classification theory, vocational education classification theory, vocational education curriculum theory, and other cross-researches.



Participating teachers and students listen to the lecture



After the speech, Professor Sun Shanxue took a group photo with the teachers and students who discussed with him


After the speech, Prof. Sun Shanxue further addressed the questions raised by the teachers and students on the ways and effects of corporate participation in Sino-German vocational education.

The theory and practice of credit banking for vocational education, and the challenges and development directions of vocational education as a type of education in the soil of Chinese culture. Interpretation and answers.

In addition to the teachers and students of our school, teachers from the Vocational Education Branch of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing House participated in this academic salon lecture. Everyone said that Professor Sun Shanxue's speech was very wonderful.

It contained both a macro description of my country's vocational and technical education and a micro interpretation. The content was rich and substantial, and it was very ideological and academic. After listening to it, he was very inspired.

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