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Hold freshmen registration activities

On September 19, 2020, the golden autumn will be cool and the weather will be pleasant. In a cheerful welcome atmosphere, the college welcomed 7 new doctoral students of the 2020 grade and the first 18 new students of the 2020 master's degree in our school to register for enrollment.

Our school teachers Chai Fangyuan, Zhu Jun, Wu Rui, Wang Xiaodong, You Zheng, Zhang Yating, Xiao Fujun, and others participated in the all-day freshman registration activity.

Under the guidance of the staff and volunteers, the students stepped into the gate of the Beiwai campus, successfully completed a series of registration procedures, and started a new life at Beijing Foreign Studies University.




This year’s orientation work is extremely special. It was carried out under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

Since the entire admissions examination work in the early stage was carried out "on the cloud", most students did not enter BFSU for the first time until they registered. The excitement of the freshmen is beyond words on the beautiful campus.

The teachers delivered the carefully prepared gift package to each freshman and took a group photo with each freshman.

The freshmen who register have expressed that they should integrate into the campus life as soon as possible, study hard and live up to their time at Beijing Foreign Studies University.








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