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Brief introduction of the intercollegiate exchange program

Beijing Foreign Studies University, like the accepting and training party of exchange students, accepts applications for inter-school exchange cooperation projects from foreign students by the cooperation and exchange agreement signed between the university and overseas universities or research institutions (hereinafter referred to as the dispatched party).


(1) Applicant qualifications

1. The applicant’s personal overseas university or research institution has signed an exchange and cooperation agreement with Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the agreement is within the validity period.

2. The individual applicant should be a full-time student formally registered by the dispatching party and obtain the qualification for recommendation by the dispatching party. The dispatching party has sent a formal nomination form to Beijing Foreign Studies University.

3. For international exchanges and mutual recognition of civilizations, applicants should in principle be foreign students who do not have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China.

4. In addition to the above conditions, students should also meet the general application qualifications and the admission requirements of the major they are applying for. For specific information, please check this website.


(2) Duration of study

Inter-school exchange programs generally consist of one semester or two semesters (one academic year). The fall semester starts at the beginning of September each year, and the spring semester starts at the beginning of March each year.


(3) Application process

Step 1: Applicants first apply to the dispatching party, and the dispatching party will pass the examination and be qualified for nomination.

Step 2: The dispatching party will send the official nomination form to

Step 3: Applicants follow the online registration process prompted by the International Students Office of Beijing Foreign Studies University, complete the system registration, and submit the admission application online.

System login URL:

Step 4: Waiting for the admission qualification review of our school, and the admission materials sent by our school will be obtained after the review is passed.


(4) Application deadline

Spring semester 2021: October 15 to December 15, 2020

Fall semester 2021: April 10 to June 15, 2021


(5) Visa to China

For qualified applicants, Beijing Foreign Studies University will send admission notices, "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" and other admission materials to the relevant business staff of the dispatching party.

Applicants should go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in their country to apply for an X (study) visa to come to China with the admission materials.


(6) Accommodation

If the inter-school exchange agreement contains a clear provision for the dormitory, it shall be carried out by the agreement.

If there is no clear explanation, our school will provide necessary assistance to freshmen who wish to use the dormitory. Please follow the unified arrangement of the school for the room type.

Due to the limited number of beds in the student dormitory, room reservations are not accepted in the first semester of admission for new students. The accommodation can be booked by the student himself in the second semester after admission.


(7) Courses and credits

Courses and credits are recognized by the exchange agreement signed between the two parties and the teaching and training plan of the school where the applicant is located. After the course is over, the university will send the student's transcript to the dispatcher.

List of colleges offering English-taught courses:

School of International Business, School of English, School of International Relations, School of Law.

List of colleges offering Chinese-taught courses:

School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of International Business, School of International Relations, School of International Journalism and Communication, School of Law.

School of Chinese Language and Literature, Consulting Email:

School of International Relations, Consulting Email:

International Business School, consultation email:

School of English, Consulting Email:

School of International Journalism and Communication, consultation email:

Law School, inquiry email:

Course selection across colleges:

According to the agreement. Within two weeks of the start of the new semester, students will consider their course arrangements in this college to apply to other colleges for course selection. The students themselves fill out the "Cross-College Course Selection Form" and sign the consent or disapproval by the college and the applying college respectively. The application will be made within the third week. After making two copies of the form, submit it to the International Students Office, and the International Students Office will notify the college and the opening college to prepare for teaching after filing.


(8) Other

1. Applicants for inter-school exchange programs should first confirm whether their university or research institution has signed an inter-school exchange agreement with Beijing Foreign Studies University and has obtained the nomination qualification.

2. The dispatching party recommends qualified nominees according to the requirements of the exchange and cooperation agreement signed with the school and sends a formal nomination form to Beijing Foreign Studies University. The dispatching party is responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, and validity of the form.

3. The applicant's nomination by the dispatching party does not mean that he has been admitted to Beijing Foreign Studies University. Beijing Foreign Studies University reserves the right to refuse to accept the nominee judged by the school as unqualified.

4. Due to the limited class capacity, some courses cannot guarantee the success of the application.

Fifth, please refer to this website for uncovered matters "2021 Beijing Foreign Studies University International Student Admissions Guide" or send an email to for consultation.

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