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Qin Huimin's lecture on general elective course

On December 24, 2020, Professor Qin Huimin, the dean of our school, gave a lecture entitled "Fairness of Higher Education Admission Opportunities-Controversy over College Entrance Quotas" in the "American History, Society, and Education" class.

Which is a general elective course for undergraduates of the school. Lecture. Professor Qin Huimin uses an easy-to-understand, lively, and lively language style, and an in-depth explanation method.

Starting from the exploration of the concept of the right to education, combining with China, the United States, India, and other countries in the college enrollment reform based on fairness, but it has caused huge fair controversy.

In the case of the intersection of theory and practice, it explores and analyzes the social foundation, legal significance, and the theoretical logic of fairness principles of higher education fairness.

The classmates expressed great interest in the lecture and warm applause. After class, some of the classmates were still unfulfilled and gathered around the teacher to discuss the problem.

While comprehensively promoting the construction of pedagogy disciplines and postgraduate training, the School of International Education actively arranges teachers with senior professional titles to stand on the school’s undergraduate teaching platform.

Encouraging young teachers to actively participate in undergraduate teaching. In the application for general elective courses for undergraduates in the spring semester of 2021.

Our teachers independently applied for 11 general elective courses for undergraduates from the perspectives of pedagogy, sociology, public administration and law, anthropology, literature, etc. Disciplinary perspective enriches the connotation of general education for undergraduates in our school.

And actively contributes to improving the quality of humanities and social sciences and the quality of training of undergraduates in our school.






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