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The list of winners was published

In December 2020, the school announced the list of awards for outstanding scientific research collectives and outstanding individuals in 2019.

Our school won the "Outstanding Scientific Research Collective First Prize" (the first place in teaching and research units), and the young teacher Dr. Wang Mingyang won the "Academic Rookie Award".

The selection of outstanding scientific research collectives and outstanding individuals is based on the "Beijing Foreign Studies University Excellent Collectives and Individuals Selection Work Plan (Revised Edition)".

Which was reviewed and approved by the Scientific Research Development Committee of the Academic Committee of the University.

Since our institute was established at the end of May 2018, it has attached great importance to scientific research and is eligible to participate in the full-year scientific research awards for the first time.

The award is the school's full affirmation of our teachers' concentration in scientific research and the output of high-quality scientific research results, and it is also an incentive and spur to us.

Our school is making every effort to build a team of high-quality and professional teachers, striving for the top in all aspects of discipline construction.

We will continue to stay true to our original aspirations, forge ahead, and strive to make better teaching and research results!





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