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Campus life of undergraduate international students



The new semester has begun. Have you adapted to a close and happy study life?


Have you recently received a notice of "recruiting language partners for international students"? Once the notice was issued, students enthusiastically signed up. After screening and interviews, the final list was set. On March 7th, "Goddess Day" came to a special meeting with foreign students. Let's take a look at the scene of the day together!


Before the activity started, the language partner and the international students were a little bit shy. Subsequently, the teacher in charge of the International Exchange Center explained the main content, precautions and related rewards and punishments of the language partner activities to the students and international students participating in the activity. It is hoped that the students participating in the activity can maintain enthusiasm, a sense of responsibility, and get along with the international students. At the same time, it is also emphasized that if you have any questions, you should contact the teachers of the International Exchange Center in time.


 The left row is the foreign student's language partner, the right row is the foreign student


After introducing the basic situation of the activity, the international students talked with their language partners and exchanged contact information. Let's see how they talked.


 International student Shin Yasutoshi (right one)


Shen Yingqi said, "I am very satisfied with the language partner the teacher recruited for me." During the conversation with the language partner, Shen Yingqi also asked questions about hotel internships, IELTS learning and many other aspects. Faced with the questions asked by the Korean Oppa, the foreign student's language partner carefully answered him and said that he would do his best to help him. During the conversation, he also chatted with the Korean Oppa about his previous travel experience in Korea.


 International student Kim Min-seok (first from left)


Hey, how come there are two foreign students with language partners? Really full of happiness. Due to the request of South Korean student Kim Min-suk, two Chinese students were recruited for him this time as his language partners. At the first meeting, the international students seemed very shy. After a brief exchange, I tentatively set a time for a meeting in the future and soon heard discussions on topics such as Korean dramas, Hallyu stars, and variety shows.


 International student Lee Jong-chan (left one)


"Oh? Why are you?" At the beginning of the conversation, the two of them both smiled. After getting to know them, they found out that they had already met in the Korean society of the college. It was also the group that had the most enthusiastic chat that day. They were not as shy as they met for the first time. After setting the schedule for future meetings, they soon talked like friends who had known each other for a long time.


On May 23, the International Exchange Center organized 4 international students to join hands with the Korean Language Club and Ruige Restaurant to conduct a unique Korean food culture event.


International students making bibimbap


 Chinese and Swiss students who came to taste bibimbap


 Teachers from Zhongrui


International students made Korean traditional bibimbap on the spot, which attracted the attention of teachers and students who came to eat at Ruige Restaurant. With the help of intern students at Ruige Restaurant, teachers and students orderly buy bibimbap made by international students. An international student said, "Bibimbap is often cooked in Korea, but when I heard that I am going to have an event at Rui Ge's restaurant, I still fear that I'm not capable enough." "But as the activity progresses, it feels very meaningful. Yes. Not only can it be served to the teachers and students of the school, but it also allows everyone to better understand Korean culture."


After the event, international students expressed their hope that more similar events can be held in the future so that more people can learn more about Korea through Korean food or other methods. At the same time, I also hope that the students of the school can go to Korea to study and exchange and experience a different Korean culture.


International students expressed their gratitude to the college and teachers for their consideration, and cherish the existing learning opportunities, study hard and adapt to the life of studying abroad in China to lay a solid foundation for future study and internship life.


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