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Assist international students in internship


Unknowingly, the fall semester is coming to an end, and the second internship is about to be ushered in for the college's 2018 international students. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the internship work for international students, the Education, Training and International Exchange Center coordinated the internship and employment guidance center in a timely manner in accordance with policy requirements to ensure that the internships for international students proceed normally.


Due to the development of the epidemic, three 2018 international students did not register for entry at the beginning of the semester and took classes through online teaching. In order to ensure the smooth participation of students in internship interviews, the Education, Training and International Exchange Center has conducted many discussions with relevant departments, and after reporting to the school leaders for approval, the decision of three international students to enter and return to school in accordance with my country's entry policy and epidemic prevention policy was passed. During the intensive isolation period after the entry of foreign students, the Education Training and International Exchange Center and the Internship Career Guidance Center cooperate to notify international students to attend online interviews on time, follow up the interviews of international students in a timely manner, and ensure the smooth progress of online interviews.


Currently, 2 international students have been accepted by Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing, and 1 international student has chosen to choose an internship.


 Assist international students in internship-1


Assist international students in internship-2


International students said that when they participated in an online interview for the first time, they were worried that they would be nervous during the interview. Because of the experience of the first internship, I have considered the position of my second internship a lot and spent more time choosing the internship hotel and position.


Although the entry process is relatively difficult, international students expressed that they hope to return to school to study, and hope to return to China for internships, and do not want to waste internship opportunities, so they feel that all the difficulties are temporary and worthwhile.


International students all expressed that they would cherish opportunities, study hard, and work hard. I hope that the overseas students will gain a lot from the second internship and return with a rewarding experience!


Sino-Swiss Hotel Management College has enrolled international students with a bachelor's degree since 2015. They have four years of undergraduate study at the school and participate in off-campus internship activities through the internship double election held by the college.


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