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Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Technology, founded in March 2003, is a full-time private general higher vocational college in finance and economics filed by the Ministry of Education. It has the national unified enrollment qualifications in the national higher education plan.

The college is a 5A social organization unit of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

The college is a pilot project unit of Beijing’s “3+2” link reform of secondary and higher vocational education.

The college currently offers 4 major groups with 18 majors.

Adhering to the development strategy of "integration of production and education", the college has cultivated nearly 15,000 high-quality skilled professionals through the "school-enterprise cooperation" model.

The employment rate of college graduates has exceeded 96% in the past three years.

The college has established a close cooperative relationship with Baoshang Bank to provide students with a good platform for internship and employment. Baoshang Bank is one of the commercial banks with the least risk, with 16 branches and 173 business outlets across the country.

【Quality Employment】

In 2011, the college established a close cooperative relationship with Baoshang Bank. Baoshang Bank was one of the first seven commercial banks with the lowest risk as assessed by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. It has 16 branches and 173 business outlets across the country. In recent years Baoshang Bank has received high attention and universal praise from the media. The cooperation between Baoshang Bank and our college has provided a great guarantee for the improvement of the college's teaching quality and the further standardization of teaching management, and it also provides a good platform for college students' internships and employment .

Our college has gradually established an employment security system of "market-oriented, school-enterprise alliance, targeted training, and full-time recommendation". Currently, the college cooperates with Beijing Jiayunhui Technology Co., Ltd., Xisibei Kindergarten, Dafangjia Huimin Kindergarten, China Beijing Xingfuquan Educational Technology Development Co., Ltd., Golden Children’s Imagination Kindergarten, Beijing Boya Nianhua Education Technology Center, CSTP (China Well-known enterprises such as the Software Professional Training Project), Capital Hotel and other units have established a school-enterprise community to achieve targeted training.

【Two-year schooling system】

Based on the current social needs and the employer’s recommendations, our school has established close school-enterprise partnerships with many companies, and jointly created a two-year flight attendant (flight attendant, ground handling, civil aviation safety and security) major. Compared with ordinary three-year colleges, two-year colleges have obvious advantages, which greatly reduce the tuition and time costs of Guangzhou University students. They can enter the workplace earlier, and are more keenly aware of employment trends and opportunities. They are changing with each passing day. Seize the opportunity of the times and the industry in the social transformation of China.
Although the length of schooling for the two-year major of our school has been shortened, the quality of teaching has not been affected in the slightest. Based on the advanced concepts and models of international vocational education such as the "dual system" of German vocational education and the "work-study alternation system" of the United Kingdom, and combining with the development trend of vocational education in my country, our school has promoted joint education between schools and enterprises, "skills + academic qualifications + "Employment" is the core competency-based education model. On the premise of ensuring that students obtain academic diplomas, more attention is paid to the training of students' vocational skills and skills, and students are encouraged to obtain international and domestic authoritative vocational qualification certificates, so that the vocational skills of graduates are more closely linked with market demand.

【Excellent location】

The college is located in the state-level economic development zone-Jingdong Yanjiao Economic Development Zone, only more than ten kilometers away from Beijing's sub-center Tongzhou District, only 4 kilometers away from Shunyi Development Zone, and only 15 minutes from Jingping Expressway to the Capital Airport (self-driving) , Adjacent to many scenic spots, beautiful environment and pleasant ecology. The college has a direct bus to Guomao Metro Station, and a one-stop campus bus is opened in Pinggu, Huairou and other suburban counties.

[Comfortable learning and living environment]

The school covers an area of more than 300 acres with a building area of 100,000 square meters. The campus layout is reasonable, the environment is harmonious and beautiful, modern teaching buildings, student apartments, canteens, supermarkets, etc. are all available. The newly upgraded school restaurant has a beautiful shape, elegant environment, rich dishes, delicious and cheap; the newly renovated student apartment is equipped with independent bathroom, balcony, air-conditioning and other livable facilities, spacious and bright, comfortable and cozy; the school playground is equipped with a standard 400 meters Tracks, lawns and a variety of fitness facilities can maximize the fun of people sweating; the training room is well-equipped and complete in variety; libraries, reading rooms, computer rooms, stadiums, gyms, etc., and are widely used in teaching .

【School Features】

Guided by the scientific development concept, guided by emancipating the mind and renewing concepts, focusing on team building, improving teaching quality as the core, relying on school training, scientific management as measures, scientific positioning, and establishing development goals. In terms of innovation, we strive to build a harmonious classroom with "high interest, high efficiency, and high quality"; in terms of school-running goals, we strive to pursue the educational connotation of "let students become talents, let parents rest assured, and satisfy society". "Strengthen the quality inside, build the image outside", so that the school presents a good situation of forge ahead, thriving and flourishing.

Dual-certificate system: In order to enhance the employment competitiveness of students, the college implements a dual-certificate teaching system of "academic certificate + vocational qualification certificate". All majors incorporate the courses of the relevant professional qualification certificate examinations into their teaching plans and count them as corresponding credits. Part of the students who have been trained in professional orientation also set up corresponding courses in accordance with the requirements of their employers and incorporate them into the teaching system to count entrance points and carry out teaching to meet the needs of employers.

Order-based training mode: The so-called "order-based" training is based on the company's orders and "tailor-made" to complete the school's talent training work in accordance with the requirements of the company. The college actively tries the reform and innovation of higher vocational education, and implements the school policy of "employment-oriented and work-oriented as the standard". Starting from the application characteristics of vocational education, it always pays attention to relying on industries and enterprises in the whole process of talent training. Realize in-depth cooperation with enterprises.

Proceeding to undergraduate from higher vocational colleges: Upon graduation, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the college can select and recommend less than 15% of recent graduates to take this examination. Those who pass can directly advance to the corresponding undergraduate majors in Beijing universities for further study .

【College Achievements】

After more than ten years of development and precipitation, Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Technology has actively created a competition culture, strived to promote the concept of competition education and training, and comprehensively improved students' innovation ability training and ability strengthening training level. In recent years, major breakthroughs have been made in Beijing's teaching reform, higher vocational skills competitions, and sports competitions, and many fruitful results have been obtained. Especially in the National Vocational Skills Competition, the students of our school performed well and won the special prizes and first prizes many times, which showed the demeanor of our students and the true level of teaching reform and innovation, and realized the perfect combination of theory and practice teaching. In 2014, our hospital was awarded Beijing 5A-level social organization. This is Beijing's high praise and great encouragement for our school's development ideas, school positioning and talent training model. It also marks that our hospital will have a clear indication and important reference basis for the self-construction level, professional service capability and social credibility of Beijing's social organizations in the future.

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