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At 14:00 pm on October 28, 2020, our school held the school-level 2018 education and teaching reform project final review meeting in the small conference room on the second floor of District B. The review experts attending the meeting included Zhou Hong, secretary of the school’s Party branch, principal Li Runkun, vice president Wang Zhenshan, and principals in charge of the Academic Affairs Office and secondary colleges.





This review will review a total of 13 school-level teaching reform projects, including: exploration and practice of the school-enterprise cooperation training model for leisure sports talents in vocational colleges under the background of the Winter Olympics, exploration and innovation of public basic courses around the training of professional talents, The research and practice of preschool education in Beijing’s secondary and higher vocational training, and our school’s elderly service and management professional services under the talent training model of work-study integration. The innovation and practice of Beijing’s elderly education and the reform and practice of the practical teaching system of higher vocational colleges— Taking Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Technology as an example, the exploration and practice of traditional cultural courses in higher vocational colleges, the exploration and practice of Beijing Private Vocational College Student Skills Competition to promote education and teaching reform, the research on the legal rights and interests of faculty and staff in private colleges and universities in Beijing, "interesting, The research and radiation of "useful and effective" teaching standards, the innovation and practice of school-enterprise co-construction of "skilled master studios", the research and practice of long-term mechanism for subsidizing and educating people in vocational colleges, and the practice and practice of improving the teaching ability of teachers in private vocational colleges Research, research and practice of teaching quality monitoring guarantee and evaluation mechanism in vocational colleges.





At the meeting, the main person in charge of the project made a report on the project situation, briefly reviewed the background, objectives, methods and content of the subject research, and focused on the subject research process and results achieved. After carefully reviewing the process of the project, completing the project and listening to the report, the review experts conducted on-site Q&A and comment on each project. In the comments, the review experts believe that the 13 projects are appropriate to select topics, based on reality, practice, and transformation of scientific research results. They have strong practicality, standardization, mass and can be used for reference. The results are remarkable. At the same time, they affirmed everyone's insistence on "problem is the subject", the project combined with their own education and teaching work for topic selection research, and the full cooperation between project research members. I also congratulate everyone on the relevant teaching cases, courseware, papers, etc. accumulated in the research. At the same time, the review experts also pointed out the deficiencies in the project research from the perspectives of the foresight, scientificity, practicability and operability of the project, and gave many constructive guidance opinions. The review expert group hopes that everyone can continue to base themselves on the core literacy of the subject, improve the scientific research ability of discovering, researching, and solving problems, and guide the research results in future work.




Finally, after discussion, the evaluation expert group agreed that the 13 projects participating in this defense have accurate positioning, scientific methodology, complete research process, standardized management, detailed information, and fruitful results, and they have completed the expected tasks of the research. These educational and teaching reform projects based on school conditions and academic conditions, based on the need to solve practical problems in teaching, have effectively promoted the professional growth of teachers, improved the school's connotative development and the quality of education and teaching, and agreed to conclude the topic as scheduled.



The road is long and long, and I will search up and down. The conclusion of the question is only a staged work in our school’s teaching and research. It can be expected that in the follow-up work, our school’s topic research concepts will be more advanced, the research direction will be more pragmatic, the research methods will be more appropriate, and the research ideas Will be clearer.
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