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On the morning of Friday, December 25, 2020, Beijing Economic and Technical Vocational College Secretary Zhou Hong, principal Li Runkun led the team, Vice-President Wang Zhenshan, and Dean Assistant Fan Fuhou and a group of four inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work in various units in the school.

First, the school gate management and control situation was checked. Zhai Yujun, the director of the security department, gave a detailed introduction to the school gate management situation and various situation registration systems. The leadership requested that due to the recent recurrence of the epidemic, the school gates must be strictly controlled, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter, the school epidemic prevention and control system must be implemented, and the first pass must be taken care of.

Then the leaders went to school canteens, small canteens, supermarkets, fruit shops, and hairdressers to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work, mainly checking the epidemic prevention and control work of various merchants and various systems, killing records, purchasing records, etc. . The leader emphasized that in special periods, we must follow the school’s epidemic prevention and control work requirements, standardize the system, improve various records, strictly control the purchase, and strengthen the management of all goods, especially cold chain food.

Finally, the leaders came to the school infirmary to understand the construction of the infirmary and the preparation of materials. Leaders instructed to strengthen contact with higher-level disease control departments, timely understand prevention and control knowledge and policies, and do a good job of publicity and guidance. If suspected cases are found, they should be reported as soon as possible.

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