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On October 15, school secretary Zhou Hong and principal Li Runkun attended the signing ceremony of cooperation between Sanhe City Education and Sports Bureau and the resident colleges and universities, and signed the teaching support agreement on behalf of the school.

Secretary Zhou Hong first briefly introduced the status quo of higher vocational education and school development. He said that strengthening school-local cooperation is a realistic need for vocational colleges to adjust their professional structure and talent training model, and is a strategic choice to enhance the independent innovation capabilities of both parties, which will help both parties give full play to their respective advantages, further integrate resources, and enhance school-site collaborative innovation. Ability to achieve win-win development.

Principal Li Runkun also explained the professional construction of the school and the next development plan.

Jia Xuefeng, director of Sanhe Education and Sports Bureau, pointed out that Sanhe Education and Sports Bureau attaches great importance to this political-school cooperation and expresses gratitude to the school for selecting outstanding students to support basic education. He emphasized that the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau will continue to strengthen cooperation with schools and give full support to the development of schools.

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