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At 14:30 on the afternoon of April 6, 2021, our school held the 2021 Beijing Economic and Technical Vocational College's 2021 education and teaching reform project application review work. The members of the Academic Conference Committee participating in this review work include Party Secretary Zhou Hong, President Li Runkun, Vice President Wang Zhenshan, the Academic Affairs Office and the heads of secondary colleges.

(Members participating in the evaluation work)

First of all, Secretary Zhou Hong made a speech. He pointed out that the establishment of school-level education and teaching reform projects is an important measure for schools to promote education and teaching reform and strengthen the basic construction of teaching. Project leaders and team members should attach great importance to the seriousness and scientific nature of project declaration, actively carry out project research in accordance with the requirements of the school, and strive to integrate project research results with education and teaching practice, and strengthen the practice and application in teaching. Continuously improve the level of education and teaching.

(Secretary Zhou Hong makes a speech)

With the active participation of teachers, a total of 13 topics were declared for this school's topics, including 7 key topics and 6 general topics. After careful review and careful consideration by the academic committee experts, 7 school-level key topics have been determined: Feng Song "Professional Teaching Resource Bank Construction and Exploration of Sharing Mechanisms in Higher Vocational Colleges"; Hu Jingwei "Ecological Civilization and Green Development Concepts Incorporated into Higher Vocational Colleges" The Current Situation of Educational Practice Curriculum and the Exploration of Effective Paths——Taking Higher Vocational Colleges in Beijing as an Example; Hao Zhaoli "Research on the Paths to Improve Vocational College Teachers' Informatization Literacy and Teaching Ability"; Li Ye "Realize Higher Vocational Education through "Professional Labor Education" Practical Exploration and Research on the Fundamental Tasks of Preschool Education Majors: "Study on SPOC-based Teaching Models under "Internet + Education""; "Research on SPOC-based Teaching Modes for Preschool Education Students"; "Based on the 1+X Vocational Skill Level Certificate Pilot Project" by Chen Wei Research on the Practice of Zhengrongtong; Liu Yuwei, Research on Customized Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the "Internet+" Background; 6 general topics: Wang Dandan, "Inquiry into Higher Vocational Student Skills Competition-Taking National College Digital Art Competition as an Example"; Tian Qin, "The Practice and Exploration of Strengthening the Evaluation and Supervision of Classroom Teaching Quality in Higher Vocational Colleges-Taking Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Technology as an Example"; Li Jun, "Research on the Mixed Learning Model in the Internet + Education Era"; Han Xiao, "Higher Vocational Colleges" Research on the Cultivation Path of Students' Professional Quality——Based on the Inheritance of Craftsman Spirit; Yang Yan, “Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities——Exploration on the Training of “Double Entrepreneurship” Talents in Higher Vocational Education Based on Vocational Ability”; Li Jialiang, “High School under the Background of School-Enterprise Cooperation” Research on the Teaching Quality Assurance System of Vocational Students' Internship and Training Links." Finally, our school selected the best and determined 2 high-quality key projects to participate in the Beijing Educational Science "14th Five-Year Plan" project application, including 1 key project and 1 youth special project.

Our school will continue to support the subject research work, assume the management responsibilities of the subject, supervise the subject team to carry out its work in accordance with the guidance of the academic committee, and provide the necessary human, material and financial support for the subject research. It is also hoped that the project will be approved by the person in charge and the person in charge. The team members do a good job in the subject research, submit a perfect answer sheet for the project, and truly combine scientific research and teaching to promote the stable and healthy development of the teaching reform of our school.

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