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School profile
Beijing Internet College (Beijing Internet College), located in Fangshan District, Beijing, is a private full-time higher vocational college approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

Founded by the National Information Center;
After the establishment of the school, it received strong support and help from the National Information Center. In particular, the director of the National Information Center Wang Chunzheng was appointed as the school's honorary principal and Liu He, the executive deputy director of the National Information Center, served as the chairman and Du Lian, the deputy director, as the principal.

the year 1995
Establish the effective use of domestic and foreign school-running resources to deepen education reform.

Year 2003
With the approval of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, it was reorganized and developed into a higher education institution.

year 2004
The Fangshan new campus was officially opened.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued approval for the school to be renamed Beijing Cyber Vocational College.

Beijing Network Vocational College held an unveiling ceremony.

Beijing Cyber Vocational College is a full-time higher vocational college that came into being under the background of the country's vigorous implementation of the network power strategy, big data strategy, and "Internet +" action plan. It implements enrollment within the unified national plan and has independent awards of national recognition Qualifications for college diploma.

Abundant teaching resources

Based on the society’s popular demand for talents, the core skills are the focus of teaching, the improvement of hands-on ability is the teaching goal, and the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship is the means of reinforcement. According to market demand, aiming at the cutting edge, choosing the hottest majors with the most contemporary sense, and keeping up with the economic and social development trends, our college has set up three major professional groups: big data, network and information security, and network new media technology. There are many majors in information security and management, computer network technology, network news and communication, radio and television program production, e-sports sports and management, digital media application technology, big data technology and application, and software technology. Schools should teach knowledge and transfer skills on demand; take professional technical courses as the focus of teaching, and provide in-depth explanations; arrange adequate practical training to ensure that students are proficient in skills; basic technical courses and project training are carried out simultaneously; guide students to master through case studies Theoretical knowledge; continue to deepen teaching reforms and cultivate Internet-based talents.

Strong faculty
The school strives to build a team of dual-qualified teachers with teaching ability and practical experience. Most of the existing teachers have many years of work experience. Teachers with more than 5 years of industry experience accounted for 62.5%, teachers with a master's degree or above accounted for 46%, and teachers with senior professional titles accounted for 25%. Keep up with the pace of development in the Internet era, train all kinds of talents who are proficient in the application of network and information technology, guide students to combine theory with practice, and be good at using new technologies to solve practical problems.

Rich facilities and content
The school is located in Fangshan District in the southwest of Beijing. It is surrounded by 200,000 square meters of campus greenery and 110,000 square meters of magnificent buildings. Teaching buildings, experimental training buildings, office buildings, and libraries guarantee teaching.

In 2017, our school established a cooperative relationship with the 360 Group. The 360 Group and our school jointly designed the security offensive and defense training system and related course resource packages, and established the 360 training room. Introduce high-end training software and hardware, including firewall, WAF, IDS, IPS, leak scan, log audit, VPN seven security equipment.

The school upgraded the infrastructure and sports venues in 2018, with a project area of more than 300 acres, and has excellent teaching and living facilities after the renovation. Such as: multifunctional gymnasium, compound track and field (soccer field), tennis court, golf driving range, basketball court, etc. to meet the diverse needs of students' cultural and sports activities.

In terms of catering, there are multiple canteens and flavor stalls to facilitate students with different eating habits and customs, and provide students with a variety of high-quality catering services.

In club basketball games, football games, debate games, speech games, (fun) sports games, music clubs, dance clubs, e-sports competitions, etc., rich campus activities will make your university life more exciting, various clubs and school-level organizations There is always one that suits your preferences.

Through teaching school-enterprise cooperation
Our school attaches great importance to the employment of graduates, actively carries out employment and entrepreneurship guidance, regularly holds employment and entrepreneurship lectures, organizes school-enterprise cooperation, and holds corporate presentations and campus recruitment fairs.
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