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Interviewing old party members, inheriting the red gene ——An interview with old party member Zhu Zhenying

The Communist Party of China is a political party established amidst the ups and downs, a political party that turned the tide in the face of national crisis, and a party that led 1.4 billion people to happiness and well-being.

2021 is a different year. It is the centenary birthday of the Communist Party of China. In this year, it will be celebrated everywhere. As the new generation of the motherland, we should cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs and learn from the will and spirit of the predecessors. Because of their dedication and hard work, today's peaceful and prosperous age has been achieved. Today, with great reverence, we went to visit the old party member Zhu Zhenying's grandmother. She was not as serious and unsmiling as I imagined, but as kind and kind as an ordinary grandmother. When we arrived, grandma had already greeted us at the door. She was very pleased that contemporary college students were willing to learn and understand the revolutionary spirit of old party members.

Grandma's story

Grandma was born in 1937, it was the most precarious era in the motherland. When my grandmother was only 7 years old, my mother died of illness. At that time, the concept of patriarchy was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The family did not let her go to school as a girl.

Grandma spent four years at the aunt and aunt’s home to complete the six-year elementary school course, and she achieved very good grades. With her own efforts, her grandmother relied on the school to send her all the way to the Normal University. Without giving any extra burden to the family, grandma said that she had lived in adversity since she was a child. This kind of life has deeply honed her and made her stronger. Because of this, her grandma is more grateful to the party and the country.

When the love in the stormy age mentioned grandma's initial intention of joining the party, grandma told her and grandpa's story.

She joined the party mainly to follow her lover-Grandpa Qi Guofu. Grandpa is an old party member or an old Red Army soldier. He has participated in various battles and sprinkled his blood for the motherland. At the end of the day, in the grandfather's There is still shrapnel in his ankle that he was hit in the battle. And his defying hardship deeply infected his grandma. He is not only a lover of grandma, but also a role model and spiritual benchmark for grandma. This spirit is also the biggest reason for grandma to join the Communist Party of China. After following her grandpa to join the party, grandma gradually understood the purpose of the party. Become an excellent communist, always serving the people in my heart.

Hard-won in the new era

Grandma told us that even if the new era is coming and people’s living conditions are getting better day by day, as a communist, we must not forget our original aspirations. No matter how strong the country is, we must lead by example as individuals and live frugally.
Use good steel on the blade and give money to those who need it more. This habit of grandma has also deeply affected the neighbors in the neighborhood. Grandma is always grateful for the daily mutual help between the neighbors. Today, grandma has been in the party for more than 60 years. The ups and downs of more than 60 years have allowed her to experience countless stories that we can only read in history books.

Grandma told us that the most terrifying thing she has experienced since joining the party was the Cultural Revolution. At that time, she led a nanny and children to live a life of fear every day. That was the most feared and helpless time in her life. The rebel leader at that time was still her grandmother. The secretary when he was studying in the normal school.

Individual power is so insignificant under the terror rule of the Gang of Four. Fortunately, the party used the thunder method to destroy the Gang of Four, and only then has today's peace and prosperity come into being. Grandma hopes that contemporary college students can advance diligently and down-to-earth, learn from the old generations like grandpa, and fight to the end for the party and the country. As college students in the new era, we should love the great motherland, shoulder the responsibilities of the times, and strive to become the socialist builders and successors for the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and labor.

We should be brave enough to work hard and use youth and sweat to create new miracles that will make the world fascinated. It is a compulsory course for us to develop strong skills, and it is even more urgent to cultivate morality, serve the people with true talents, and contribute to the country with innovation and creativity, so that the whole society will be refreshed and vigorous. On the road of working hard to be a successor to socialism, we should encourage each other.

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