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In order to do a good job in the fire protection training of “one police and six officers”, the teachers, students, faculty and staff of Beijing Network Vocational College will further enhance the fire safety awareness and the ability to deal with fire accidents. On May 14, the Security Department of the North Network launched the "one police and six officers" school canteen staff practical training and assessment work.

During the activity, the school police who passed the assessment of the Security Department demonstrated the standard actions, demonstrated the specific details of the fire hydrant and the fire extinguisher. According to the requirements of "be able to call the police, understand evacuation, use fire extinguishers for small fires, and use fire hydrants for large fires", actual combat drills are carried out on the cafeteria staff.

Captain Cui of the Security Department gave a patient explanation on the use of fire extinguishers, outdoor fire hydrants, and laying of hoses. He gave a detailed account of the use of related equipment and skills for the trainees, and emphasized the precautions during use. .

△Captain Cui of the Security Department is explaining how to connect the fire hydrant to the water bag.

△The staff in the cafeteria are studying hard

The assessment began, and after learning how to use it, everyone entered the practical assessment stage. Assessment requirements: within the specified time, complete the operation of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. The atmosphere was strong and orderly, the reference personnel were serious and the operation was smooth.

During the assessment process, all assessment personnel cooperated closely to successfully complete the assessment subjects of oil basin fire extinguishing operation and fire hydrant outlet operation!

The implementation of this training and assessment has further strengthened the ability of the staff in the canteen of Beiwang to prevent and deal with fire safety accidents, lay a solid foundation for safety work, and add another line of defense to the safety of school teachers, students, and faculty.

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