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Everyone has a dream of flying in the sky in their childhood. This spring, the students met to let their dreams fly together.
On May 16th, the first Kite Festival of the heart and mind kicked off on campus. Hand-painting, exhibition, flying... Together they regain the joy of childhood. Let’s take a look with Xiaobei!

On May 13, the students scribbled kites, colorful swallows, blue goldfish, and orange eagles. Use your own painting language to express a unique world of innocence on the kite, the spring breeze is blowing by, and the endless comfort

Taking advantage of the break time, the teacher Han Tianheng, the head teacher, also worked with the students to create, every moment of gathering is extremely precious.

"Grass longing warbler flies on February day, and the willows are drunk with spring smoke. The children come back early from school and are busy taking advantage of the east wind to fly paper kites." On May 16, the students flew their kites against the spring breeze. They ran and jumped. Looking into the distance while smiling.

Teacher Han, the head teacher, also participated in the flying activities, but he did not expect that the usually cold head teacher would have such a lively and lovely side.

There are many benefits to kite flying. Xiaobei has compiled some for everyone and let’s take a look!
Can lower blood pressure. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, flying a kite can release depressed emotions. By eliminating the turbid qi, smoothly clearing the qi, the body's breath is smooth, thereby reducing blood pressure. From the perspective of Western medicine, when flying a kite, you can concentrate your mind, you can get rid of distracting thoughts, relax your mood, relax your blood vessels, and lower your blood pressure.
Good for eyesight. Close and prolonged use of the eye causes tension in the ciliary muscles of the eyeball, which is the main cause of myopia. When flying a kite, you can look at the various postures of the kite. It can adjust the eye muscles and nerves, eliminate eye fatigue, and achieve the purpose of protecting and enhancing eyesight.

Can cure cervical spondylosis. Flying kites frequently can maintain the muscle tension of the cervical spine and spine, maintain the elasticity of ligaments and the flexibility of vertebral joints. When flying a kite, looking at the sky and tilting your head back can relax the neck muscles, which is beneficial to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, improve local blood circulation, and promote the recovery of cervical spondylosis.
Treat neurasthenia. When flying a kite, the mood is comfortable and the spirit is happy. It can relax the cerebral cortex and cerebrovascular in a state of tension, so that the cerebral cortex can rest, so it has a therapeutic effect on neurasthenia and insomnia.

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