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Use care to build a fortress of dreams. Use love to illuminate the way forward. Care for children in poverty-stricken areas and ignite the “Hope” light

On May 6, 2021, in front of the No. 9 teaching building of Beijing Network Vocational College, the "Joint Forces, Love North Network" will be launched.
5% of the funds raised from the flea market and charity sale will be donated to the Hanhong Love Charity Foundation

A dazzling array of products,
One after another cries,
Well-designed billboards,
All show the virtue of being grateful to the society by the students of Beiwang.

We are ready for the young youth of Beiwang
—Come and stroll at my booth —

In front of the teaching building, crowds of people were crowded, and a dazzling array of second-hand goods competed to rival the others. The stall owners were even more impressive. All teachers and students participated in the activities as customers. The like-minded classmates responded accordingly, and arranged all kinds of goods in the booth in an orderly manner, such as teaching auxiliary materials, handicrafts, small ornaments, etc., with a wide variety and countless.

Those items that were bought on impulse by using Taobao in the middle of the night;
Those thick materials bought for examinations and college upgrades;
All kinds of small things bought to dress up the dormitory;
It's all available at the Beiwang Flea Market!
What is exchanged is the story, and what is gained is the benefit.

is there anything you like?
Sell for money

"I want to leave the most precious books and notes to the younger students." This stack of books carries too much, not only knowledge, but also memory. I think that during that time, they were holding these books and fighting against themselves, fighting for a future, fighting for one to accept defeat. "——Beiwang seniors’ items are very cheap, and they are almost sold for money. Everyone says that they don’t expect this to sell for much, but they’re just reluctant to throw away the things they’ve liked or the books they’ve read. Finding a good next home is nothing but a wish.

"Ten yuan is willing to spend,
Take home the jackpot at any time! "
The ring game pushes the atmosphere of the event to a climax

"Walk by, don't miss it"
"Ten yuan, you can't buy it and lose money, you can't buy it, you can't be fooled"
During the laughter, I got a gift,
Also donated love.

donate! Let love continue

The event ended successfully and finally we will use 5% of the amount earned at the flea market
Donated to "Han Hong Love Charity Foundation"

Although not much,
But it is the little care of the young people of the Beijing Net. In the follow-up, we will continue to organize such interesting and meaningful activities to convey our love.

On how to extend the university indefinitely?
It's better to leave some books and things that you can't take away,
Continuing the end of campus life.
Stories that are difficult to explain,
There is the color of sycamore broad-leaved, the sky is light and breezy, and the scorching guess about the unknown.

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff in the flea market for their hard work and also thank every friend for their generosity and love, which belongs to every Beiwang person.

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