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Art Without Borders-International College International Students' Works Appeared on Beijing Subway

From August 10th to September 6th, the “Design Activated City” exhibition of 2020 undergraduate graduates of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology was launched on the Beijing subway, exhibiting the graduation works of 28 students from 6 colleges. "Invisible" by KRUCHININA YEKATERINA, an international student from Kazakhstan, was selected for this exhibition, which is also the only work of an international student in this exhibition.



Kajia, an international student from Kazakhstan, is studying animation at Beifu College of Art and Design. He graduated successfully in July 2020 and will continue to study for a master's degree in visual communication design at Beifu. His graduation design animation work "Invisible" tries to show and express things in different forms and unique angles.



Katja pointed out that "Invisibility" mainly shows how organisms interact with different environments. In their world, everything is harmonious, hence the name "Invisible". They seem to live in our time and space, but no one can see them or pay no attention to them at all. This is because people are busy dealing with their own problems and don’t even pay attention to the things under their noses, or because of the thinking of most people nowadays. The way is completely different. As more material and scientific things are proven, people don’t even allow their imagination to get out of their comfort zone and try to think of something more beautiful and magical, just give themselves a little time to fall into another world...



There are a total of 41 undergraduate graduates in the 2020 class of the International College, including 14 international students and 27 Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students. They are studying in three training colleges, majoring in clothing and apparel design, animation, visual communication design, photography, environmental design, and costume performance. This time, the capital's university students' graduation works were displayed on the subway for the first time. As the only international student participating in the exhibition, Katya was an exploration of a physical exhibition after graduation works bloomed in the cloud under the epidemic. Besides the surprise, it also allowed us to see "art without borders ".

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