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Safety + Convenience + Care-All members of the International College welcome returning graduates

In accordance with the school’s overall work deployment, on August 1, all staff of the International College, under the leadership of Dean Xi Yumei, handled the exit procedures for 12 undergraduates who applied voluntarily, lived in China, and met the requirements for returning to school in 2020. , Including 2 foreign students and 10 Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

This time the graduates returned to school, the college leaders attached great importance to them. In the early stage, they held several meetings to discuss and arrange relevant preparations, formulate and adjust the work plan for graduates to return to school, implement the work details, call on all staff to participate, and the responsibility is to ensure the safety of students. , Provide convenient services, and deliver college care.


Safety first

At present, the risk of the epidemic continues to decrease, but personal protection cannot be slackened, and safety remains the top priority.

Before the graduates return to school, the headteacher Deng Yang communicated with the students one by one, counted the number of people who returned to school and the time of entering school on the day, settled on the way back to school and precautions when entering school, reminded to wear masks throughout the process, stay away from crowds, download and install the HealthBao App on your mobile phone, Those who need accommodation should provide a negative nucleic acid test report in the past 7 days.

The student apartment of the International College adheres to daily disinfection, ventilation, and safety inspections. It prepares epidemic prevention items such as thermometers, disinfectants, medical masks, and trolleys for carrying luggage, organizes the list of dormitories for returning students, and announces the procedures for refunds and refunds. The graduates return.


Convenient service

In order to cooperate with the closed campus management and reduce security risks, the International College deliberately moved the office location from the comprehensive building to the lobby on the first floor of the International College’s student apartment to reduce the regional flow of graduates after entering the school, so that students can collect their luggage in one-stop after packing. Graduation certificates, commemorative T-shirts, check-out, and refund procedures, and leave the school smoothly, realizing the two-point one-line convenient service of " School South Gate - Apartment - School South Gate ".



Caring and Companion

The graduates arrived at the south gate of the school and were greeted by school leaders and leaders of various departments. After measuring their body temperature, verifying the certificate and health code, they were led by the teacher of the International College to the student apartment of the International College.



The graduates enter the student apartment of the International College, after registering, receive the dormitory room card, accompanied by the teacher to their respective dormitories to sort things out.



After packing the students’ luggage, with the help of the teacher, they will be transported from the sixth floor to the hall on the first floor of the apartment, where they can leave school after receiving graduation materials and going through school leaving procedures.



Leadership care

During the period, Vice President Liao Qing visited the student apartment of the International College to give guidance on the spot, understand the situation of the students, and ask for specific details, to ensure the safety and order of the graduates returning to school and reporting to work. The students expressed their gratitude to the school and college for their care and attention, will actively cooperate with the school and college's various tasks, and do a good job of self-protection. It happened that Hannah, a Ukrainian student majoring in Costume Performance at the School of Fashion Communication, returned to school to receive her graduation certificate. The student has passed the interview and will continue to study for a master's degree in Beef. Hanna was very happy to see the teacher on the spot. She specifically asked to take a photo with all the leading teachers.



Due to the impact of the epidemic, most of the students of the International College are outside the country and cannot return to school. For this group of students, the college insists on humanistic care, and the headteacher promptly conveys the spirit of the school, and does a good job of daily contact and answering questions.

After the detailed arrangements in the early stage and the cooperation of all the on-site faculty and staff, the returning graduates of the International College have left the school smoothly and embarked on the journey of the future. They are willing to live up to their youth and the future is promising.

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