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School of International Studies unveiled at the 2020 China International Trade in Services Fair

The 2020 China International Service Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Service Trade Fair) officially opened on September 4, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, and the Educational Special Exhibition and International Educational Service Trade Forum hosted by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission are here One of the key activities of the Second Service and Trade Fair. The theme of this special education exhibition is "Education leads the future-openness, cooperation, innovation, and development". The International College received the school's assignment at the end of July to participate in the production of the online exhibition hall of the Trade Fair, focusing on exhibiting Beijing's higher education. Open to the outside world and focus on promoting the "study in Beijing" work to showcase the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology's enrollment policy and school-running results for international students



A total of 63 colleges and universities of various types in Beijing participated in the online education special exhibition of the Service Trade Fair. In order to successfully complete this task, the International College attaches great importance to it. Dean Xi Yumei personally takes the lead. A working group formed by Ge Mengzhen. Under the situation that the epidemic situation could not go to school, the teachers of the working group worked from home, communicated online, studied the spirit of the notice of the Municipal Education Commission, actively participated in the preliminary preparations, and held meetings on the overall framework of the exhibition, the content of the exhibition, and the exhibit section discuss. In the end, two promotional videos, hundreds of pictures, and related Chinese and English text introductions were selected. After dozens of revisions and adjustments in three weeks, they strive to fully display the results of the education of Beifu international students. In the exhibit part, the life of studying abroad, social practice, student style, foreign cooperation, campus scenery, etc. were introduced through the combination of pictures and texts, Chinese and English. In order to achieve better visual effects, in addition to the 2D booth, a 3D booth was also opened. .



In recent years, the International College has insisted on implementing the "going out" strategy, focusing on both recruitment and training, extensive outreach negotiations, establishing domestic and foreign student bases, striving to expand recruitment channels, and continuously improving the quality of student sources. The Yunshang Exhibition Hall also provides a platform for our school to display, not only showing the results of our school’s international student education, but also to a certain extent the international level of our school. I believe that participating in this service trade fair will further enhance the international influence and social reputation of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. It will also help improve the quality of our school’s enrollment, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and contribute to Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology becoming a world-class fashion university. !

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