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To 2020 graduates

Dean's Message



A letter to graduates


Dear all graduates of the class of 2020:


For months, it was cold and freezing when I left, and when I returned, it was full of the fragrance of birds and flowers. In this lush and fragrant season, we ushered in a special graduation season together. All the teachers of the International School of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology would like to extend my heartfelt blessings to the 2020 graduates! To express my heartfelt gratitude to the parents who cared, supported, and cared for your growth!

Four years of university is extraordinary. The students left behind scenes after scenes of youthful memories on the Beifu campus. You climbed academic peaks in the studios and libraries, roamed the mountains, and studied the sea, chasing the indomitable professional dreams; in the track and field arena to show the style of Beifu, dynamic and bright The splendid youthful years. Under the guidance of the college leaders, you have added new elements to the "Beifu Campus International Day". You have learned about the excellent traditional Chinese culture. You have received scholarships through your unremitting efforts, showing the beauty, enthusiasm, and professionalism of the International College. , Truly "watch China" with heart and "love Beifu" with achievements.

Beef has recorded the best time of your youth, and you have also witnessed the development and changes of Beifu and the United States. The trickle of your study and life has been condensed into the profound history and culture of the school, becoming the most precious resource and spiritual wealth of Beef. You will never forget to study diligently in the classroom, welcome your alma mater’s 60th anniversary in the square, show your learning achievements on the T stage, and never forget to experience cloud classrooms, cloud defenses, cloud demonstrations, cloud graduations during the epidemic... in this Out of the campus during the special graduation season, you are destined to write your mission and responsibilities with youth and struggle.

Graduation is not only the end of your undergraduate studies but also the beginning of your new life. You will definitely be able to show the unique talents and qualities of Beifu students in your future life, just like we are fighting the epidemic, overcoming the difficulties we face, reflecting you're The light of life!

Once again, I wish you and your family a happy life. No matter where you go in the world, Beifu International College will be yours forever home.


International College of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

2020 graduation season


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