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Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship


In order to encourage and attract more outstanding international students to come to our school to study for a degree, and to reward outstanding foreign students who are diligent, positive, discipline-abiding, and outstanding in all aspects, the school has established the "Beijing Municipal Government Foreign Student Scholarship" "Projects, and follow the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness and conducive to improving the scale and level of professional education students for application, selection and awards. The issuance and management of the scholarship adopt a special fund operation mode, which is reviewed by the review team and approved by the principal in charge.


Sources of funding

Use the special funds of the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for Foreign Students.


Total funding

The total annual funding is applied to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission every year.


Types of scholarships

1. Full scholarship: free of tuition and living expenses (living expenses standard: undergraduate students 1000 yuan/person/month; master's students 1200 yuan/person/month; this item is temporarily not applicable);


2. First-class scholarship: all tuition fees are waived;


3. Second-class scholarship: 50% tuition fee is waived.


4. Extracurricular Activity Award: It is used to reward foreign students who actively participate in various activities organized by the school and the department, and perform outstandingly in the activities and have achieved excellent results. The reward amount and reward method depend on the specific situation.


Scholarship Objects

1. Outstanding international students who come to our school to study for a degree and apply for scholarships;


2. International students who are studying for a degree in our school with good character and academic performance and applying for scholarships;


3. Excellent international students who come to our school through inter-school exchanges or joint training (more than one year, including one year) and apply for scholarships.


Application conditions 

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;


2. Be friendly to China and abide by Chinese laws;


3. Comply with the school rules and regulations of Beijing International Studies University, and be of good character;


4. Good academic performance and good health. 


Review of scholarships

1. The corresponding teaching school (department) will make a preliminary assessment of the scholarship application materials and submit it to the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of our school;


2. At the end of June each year, the Foreign Affairs Office of our school, together with the Finance Office, the Graduate School or the Academic Affairs Office, will review the aggregated preliminary evaluation results of each college (department);

(1) Applicants for scholarships in school must have good average scores in each subject in the previous academic year. Applicants for full scholarships are required to have an average score of 85 points or more (including 85 points); applicants for first-class scholarships are required to have an average score of 80 points or more (including 80 points); applicants for second-class scholarships are required to have an average score of more than 75 points (inclusive) 75 points);

(2) Scholarship applicants (including inter-school exchange or joint training international students) who are preparing to come to the school to study for a degree must have a good average score at the original institution. Our school will base on certain standards to compare the results of their original institution Converted into percentile scores, and then the specific evaluation of the scholarship, the standard is the same as (1);


3. The evaluation results will be implemented after the approval of the principal in charge;


4. The status of the scholarship will be announced on the school newspaper and our school website.


Scholarship distribution

1. Every September is the start time of scholarships;


2. Scholarships won by students are issued in the form of exemption of tuition fees;


3. Award-winning international students who violate the relevant school rules and disciplines during the scholarship period will be warned according to the circumstances until the scholarship for this academic year is suspended.



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