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Confucius Institute Scholarship


In order to support the construction of Confucius Institutes, promote the international promotion of Chinese language and the spread of Chinese culture, and cultivate qualified Chinese teachers and various Chinese talents, the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban established Confucius Institute Scholarships to subsidize foreign students, scholars and Chinese teachers to higher education in China The school (collectively referred to as the "receiving college") is studying for a bachelor's degree in Chinese international education, a master's degree in Chinese international education, or studying Chinese language and literature, Chinese history, and Chinese philosophy.


The Confucius Institute Scholarship was established in 2009. As of 2013, more than 20,000 people from 150 countries have been funded to study in China.


Enrollment categories and application conditions

The enrollment categories of the scholarship are Master of Chinese International Education, One-Year Training + Master of Chinese International Education, Bachelor of Chinese International Education, One-Year Seminar and One-Semester Seminar. The enrollment target is non-Chinese nationals, healthy, and generally between the ages of 16 and 35 (in-service Chinese teachers can be relaxed to 45 years old, undergraduate students are limited to 20 years old). The specific application conditions are subject to the "Confucius Institute Scholarship Enrollment Measures" of the year.


Funding content and standards

The Confucius Institute Scholarship includes: registration fees, tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, outpatient medical services, and comprehensive insurance for international students in China. Among them, the standard of living expenses is RMB 2500 per month for research students and undergraduate students for one semester and one academic year; RMB 3,000 per month for master students majoring in Chinese International Education.


Enrollment process

1. Since the date of the issuance of the enrollment rules, applicants can log on to the Confucius Institute Scholarship website ( to register a personal account, check the receiving institution and professional information, fill in and submit the "Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form" online.


2. The Confucius Institute Headquarters entrusts Confucius Institutes (independently established Confucius Classrooms) of various countries, relevant overseas Chinese test test sites, the Education and Cultural Sections (groups) of Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad, host institutions and relevant higher education institutions in countries where Confucius Institutes have not been established Accept applications from applicants and select and recommend scholarship candidates.


3. The receiving institution is responsible for reviewing the applicant's admission qualifications.


4. The Confucius Institute Headquarters organizes experts to conduct a comprehensive review, award scholarships to those who meet the conditions, and announce the list of winners on the scholarship website, and at the same time notify the applicants themselves through the recommending institution.


5. The host institution is responsible for sending the "Admission Notice", "Registration Instructions", "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW202 Form), copy of the Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate and other admission materials to the recommending institution, and the recommending institution will forward the application The person himself.


Application materials

Applicants must log on to the scholarship website, fill in the "Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form", and attach the following electronic documents with supporting materials:


1. Passport photo page.


2. HSK, HSKK score report.


3. The highest degree notarized (certificate of expected graduation or proof of studying at school).


4. Recommendation letter and commitment letter. Applicants for a master's degree in Chinese International Education must submit two recommendation letters (written in Chinese or English) from tutors with titles of associate professor or above, and a letter of commitment to engage in Chinese teaching for at least 5 years after graduation. Students of Chinese majors in relevant universities in countries that have not established Confucius Institutes must provide a recommendation letter issued by the principal.


5. Applicants under the age of 18 must submit relevant legal documents entrusting a legal guardian in China.


6. Winners of the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for World University and Middle School Students in China must provide scholarship certificates. The winners of each country's sub-contest area must provide a certificate of award and a recommendation letter issued by the organizer of the contest area.


7. Serving Chinese teachers must submit the on-the-job certificate and recommendation letter issued by the institution where they are employed.


8. Those who apply for "one academic year study + master's degree in international Chinese education" must submit an agreement signed with the Confucius Institute or the intended teaching unit.


9. Other certification materials required by the receiving institution.


Annual review

According to the "Confucius Institute Scholarship Annual Review Measures", undergraduates and professional master students (including one-year training + master students majoring in Chinese International Education) must participate in the annual review, and those who meet the requirements can continue to enjoy the next year's scholarship.


For the enrollment methods of the Confucius Institute Scholarship and the host institutions, please log on to


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